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How does the human body react to long periods without sunlight?

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Q: How does the human body react to long periods without sunlight?
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How does the human body react to long periods without exposure to sunlight?

You could be very cranky because of a long time without vitamin D.

Can methane and bromine react without sunlight?

Methane and bromine cannot react without the presence of sunlight or U.V light because of lack of energy which is usually supplied by the U.V light to break the bromine molecules to free radicals for the reaction to occur.Hope my answer helped.ABUAD

What decolorises bromine in the absence of sunlight?

Organic compounds called Alkenes turns Bromine to colourless from orange-ish without sunlight as a catalyst. Alkanes however require sunlight to react.

How do plants react to sunlight?

Plants react to sunlight by growing towards it. Internally sunlight initiates the process of photosynthesis in plants.

What forms when pollutants react in the presence of sunlight?

Photochemical Smog forms when pollutants react in the presence of sunlight.

How do puffins react to sunlight?

Puffins melf in sunlight

What do plants react to?


Do plants react to sunlight?

some of them for example a sunflower they look for the sunlight

How do some who develop cataracts react to sunlight?

Poor vision in sunlight.

Do vampires always react to sunlight?

Vampires are fictional, but if you insist...They all react to sunlight apart from Count Dracula!

True or false carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight will react to form sugar and oxygen gas.?

False. Plants do that, but the reaction won't happen without plants.

What is human about human nature?

It is how humans react to their surroundings. Say you put a male human in with a female human. What would the male do? He would react to her. You have added a variable to his surrounding, therefore he will react differently than being by himself. Human nature is just how Humans behave, or react to things.

Who discovered plants react to sunlight understanding of photosynthesis is formed?


How does air and fumes react in strong sunlight?

They make a smog.

Forms when ozone and vehicle exhaust react with sunlight?


How do human react to stimuli?

Human react to stimuli by turning or getting drawn in to the distraction, or defending yourself instantly unconsciously.

What three poluntants react in the presence of sunlight to produce ozone?

Nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds are the three pollutants that react in the presence of sunlight to produce ozone. They are also called the ozone precursors.

Why is it important to keep the silver nitrate solution away from direct sunlight?

it will react with sunlight and the silver will get seprated and also the ntrate too

Is sunlight a chemical?

No, sunlight (like any other light or radiation) is NOT a reaction (only specific compounds or elements might 'react' with each other).

What happens when Hydrogen and chlorine react in direct sunlight?

HCl is formed

Nitrogen oxides react with pollutants in the presence of sunlight to form what?


What air pollution forms when ozone and vehicle exhaust react in sunlight?


How do earthworms react to the heat?

Earthworms can survive in temperatures up to 100 degrees if they are in the ground and out of direct sunlight, but direct sunlight can terminate them. The materials they are in insulate them.

How do human cells react when an influenza cell attacks?

They react by producing interferons.

How do elements react with other elements?

On the periodic table, there are periods that are rows, and groups that are columns. Elements in the same group react like the other elements in the group.