How does the jaguar take care of its young?

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hide them and camouflage perfectly and protect them with their lifes

How do coelacanths take care of their young?

The mother coelacanth keeps the fertilized eggs within her body forover a year. The eggs hatch inside her, and the fully formed youngcoelacanths emerge, ready to fend for themselves.

How do jaguars care for their young?

Jaguar mothers find an underground burrow, under a thick patch ofplants or a cleft in the rocks to give birth. The mother defendsher cubs and teaches them everything they need to know. The mothernurses them until they are between 3 and 5 months old. it protects its cub from being in dangerd

How do seahorses take care of their young?

well since the male seahorse is the one that gets pregnant the female leaves and the male horse is the one that has the babys but a soon as they get born they are so tiny that the water makes them flow away=( they may be small but they find food really fast=)

How do animals take care of their young?

Animals take care of their young either alone or with the help through social behavior. Animals who tend to stay in groups all seem to be helpful in taking care of the young. For example, if the parent left the young to get food, the other members of the group will stay to protect and take care of t ( Full Answer )

How can an octopus take care of its young?

Octopuses are actually quite caring parents. Both the mother and father die not long after reproduction. The mother will care for the egg sac and will not eat after she mates, eventually starving to death either before or after the eggs hatch, leaving the octopus larvae to swim free.

How do coyotes take care of their young?

they hold them by the neck just like a mother dog does! 1 they carry them by the neck and they would make eny sacrefice to let there baibes live

How does a leopard take care of its young?

they teach yhem that life isn't fair! and to get over it.:) Leopards can climb and avoid most larger predators that way. they females stay with the young until they are 3

How do lions take care of their young?

Clearly, they let their young tug on their mane, Cuddle them, teach them to roar, and teach them to hunt. Oh, and they also bring them food! Before a litter of cubs is born, its mother leaves the pride temporarily and finds a sheltered place for her cubs (such as a cave. or thick reed bed). This is ( Full Answer )

How do pigs take care of their young?

Pigs as mammals feed through breastmilk. So the baby piggies have to drink from the mom's nipples for a while until they are strong.

How do penguins take care of there young?

While the other parent is off searching for food, the parent staying behind vomits some food and feeds it to the young. After they return and mating is over, they feed it normal fish and such.. theyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rrrrrrrrrrr soooooooooooooo sexxyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like meeee im mee ( Full Answer )

How do bats take care of there young?

Bats combine their babies to take care of them easier. They nursetheir young until the baby bats can begin to catch insects for foodwhich is about 6 weeks.

How does a monkey take care of its young?

well just like a human would take care of its young...making sure its clean, fed and protects it from harm. it carry's its young on its back

How do koalas take care of their young?

Thirty-five days after a treetop mating, the female gives birth to one joey. At about 0.5 grams and 2 cm in length, it crawls into her rear opening pouch and attaches itself to one of the two teats. After about five months, with its eyes open and its incisor teeth emerged, the joey makes its firs ( Full Answer )

What animals do not take care of their young?

Many turtles, most snakes, most fish, almost all insects do not care for their young. All mammals care for their young to some degree. well there is frogs and turtules really i am not sure if there is anymore lol !!

How do swordfish take care of their young?

Swordfish are predatory, solitary fish. They lay there eggs, andleave their young to their own devices. Swordfish have beenreported to eat their own young.

Do crabs take care of their young?

No the female hermie throws her eggs into the ocean, where they develop, find a shell, get out of water, and never can breath underwater again.

How do fish take care of there young?

The fish take care of there young by going out and finding them some food and bringing it back to them and letting them it. When the little fish want to go out the big fish fallow!

How does a rabbit take care of his young?

They really don't do very much.. They're nursed 2-3 times, per day, for 5-10 minutes, then momma leaves. The babies are weaned at 2-4 weeks, and the mother just leaves them.

How do salmon take care of their young?

They don't. they usually die immediately after spawning, so they don't even get a chance to. Atlantic salmon, however, don't die after spawning, but they are so exhausted after spawning that they go right back out to sea. The young act on their own instincts, which are very strong.

How parrots take care of their young?

The birdy woved his parents and the mama and daddy birdies cared for him and feed him and give him lots and lots of care hugs and kisses from their wittle heart.

How do crayfish take care of their young?

Now then, i am no crustacean specialist, but i do know that many relatives of crayfish pay no more attention to their young once they are born. This makes it rather unlikely that crayfish care for their young like mammals, birds and other animals do. Coryn02

Do giraffes take care of their young?

After a 15 month pregnancy, a giraffe gives birth to a baby who is about 6 feet tall. Since the mama giraffe's birth canal is about 6 feet off the ground, the baby slides out, feet first and flops over. This is a good thing. Its like the doctor slapping a human baby's feet to get her breathing. (In ( Full Answer )

How does an iguana take care of its young?

It doesn't. When a female iguana is about to lay eggs she digs a burrow and lays the eggs there. After that she abandons them. When they young hatch they must fend for themselves.

How do skinks take care of their young?

Many species of skink are oviparous reproducers, meaning they lay eggs. Some oviparous skinks immediately abandon their eggs, others stay with the eggs until they hatch. Other skinks are viviparous, meaning the birth live offspring. Many of these offspring will remain with the parents for several mo ( Full Answer )

Why do dolphins take care of its young?

Because they are mammals and most mammels have an instint too look after them, just like monkeys ect, without doing so, it would leave their young in danger of starvation or predetors

How did the ankylosaurus take care of their young?

The ankylosaurus took care of their young terribly, they defecateon their eggs because they don't like them and sometimes maby eatthe eggs. The ankylosaurus is terrifying, it could even eat ahuman!

How do the weasels take care of there young?

In April, two to ten babies are born in a burrow. The nest is lined with fur from animals that the weasel has killed. The mother watches them closely and takes good care of them. In about five weeks their eyes are open. Young weasels begin to hunt when they are about two months old.

How snakes take care of its young?

The simple answer is - they don't !... Once a baby snake is born or hatched - it is completely independent of the parents.

How does horse take care her young?

Horses are naturally herd animals, and therefore, they're not predators, they're prey. So that means that they need to be able to run away as fast as possible, and as soon as possibble. The mare will give birth to the foal and then once born, if it needs to it can stand and run with the herd within ( Full Answer )

What animal not take care of their young?

There are numbers of animals that do not look after their young, such as: The Sea Turtle Fish (that includes sharks) Snakes Many Insects - butterflys ect. Lizards (only some) Lobsters Some humans (sorry! but some don't)

Does the mustang take care for its young?

Yes they do. Mustangs are a breed or or a type of wild/feral horse, not a name for a particular gender of horse. Mares that are Mustangs generally take care of their foals, but the stallion is also responsible for their care by providing protection of not only the mares but the foals as well.

Did allosaurus take care of its young?

It is unknown whether Allosaurus raised their young or whether the hatchlings immediately fended for themselves. In any case, Allosaurus probably didn't raise their young until adulthood, as juvenile Allosaurus had special adaptations for hunting. Young Allosaurus had proportions different from adul ( Full Answer )

How does a ferret take care their young?

The female mother ferret called a "Dam" does all the rearing of her offspring that are called "kits". She has a litter of 6-8 young (kits), 42 days after mating. The dam will start preparing her nest about two weeks before birth. The female nurses and cares for the young, the male has no role in rai ( Full Answer )

How does the bushmaster take care of its young?

The Bushmaster, lachesis muta muta is the largest Pit Viper in the world with a nasty reputation as a "cruel dude". The Bushmaster is a huge, thick-bodied and highly venomous snake with a triangularly shaped head, one of nature's warning signs that a snake is poisonous and potentially deadly. Bush ( Full Answer )

How do koalas take care of their young.?

Mother koalas can only have 1 baby a year but up to 6 in a lifetime. Koalas are like kangaroos, they have a puch on their stomach,so when the baby koala (Called:Joey) is born they climb into theirmoms pouch and attaches themselves inside, they grow fur, getsbigger, the eyes open. it lives in the pou ( Full Answer )