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How does the moon affect us?

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controls tides

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How does the moon affect us here on earth?

The moon affects us because we are pulled toward its gravity and it can also affect our tides in the ocean.

What the moon and weather affect the moon?

The Moon doesn't significantly affect weather on Earth, and weather on Earth doesn't affect the Moon at all.

How does the sun affect the way you see the moon?

The phases of the moon? Well as the moon revolves around us the sun shines on it differently causing different phase.

Do changing tides affect the phases of the moon?

No, the moon affects the tides, but the tides do not affect the moon.

Does the moon have an atmospherehow does this affect the moon?

It has a very thin atmosphere, it doen't affect the moon at all. Meteorites still bump on the moon.

Do the moon affect killing cattle?

No. The moon does not affect killing cattle. The moon is in outer space,and your just dumb.o:

How does the affect of the moon affect surfers?

the moon causes tides, which are waves. Please someone further explain how the moon does it.

What is the affect of the moon movement on us?

The tides, the seasons and our stable 23,5 degrees angle. Without the moon the earth would spin around like mars and we wouldn't have any seasons. The Moon also slows the speed of the earth turning around itself down. The Moon is going away from us at a speed about 3cm/year (1,2inch/y). And eventually after 2 million years the Moon is so far away that it doesn't affect us, the eart, anymore.

How will absence of moon affect us?

Hi.If the moon was absent we would be literally screwed. Since the moon controls the Earths tides, no moon equals the whole world flooded one big ball of water.

How does the earth rotation and revolution affect us?

It makes the sun and moon come up and down ;p

Why is your moon important to us?

The moon is imortant to us bcause it gives us moon light

How did the first moon walk affect your lives?

It gave us the courage hope to check out different things in space

Moon affect on Earth?

the moon affects the moon in many ways. the moon affects the moon in many ways.

How can the moon light affect the earth?

The moon affects the Tides.

Does the Moon affect our body fluids?

Yes. The pull of the moon.

Who has a greater affect on earth's tides sun or moon?

The Moon

Does the moon affect animals?


How does the moon affect your mood?

Yes. The moon affect most people. When the moon is full you have an emotional break down or you stop showing emotion all together. The same with the new moon.

Does the moon affect the sea's tide?

Yes, the moon has a lot of affect on the sea'a tides. This is due to the gravitational pull. The moon has a lot more affect on the tides than the sun does. This is due to the moon being much closer to the earth than the sun.

How the moon affects the tides?

The Moon does not just affect the tides; it effects them. The tides are due, in great part, to the gravitation of the Moon. The basic idea is that, being fairly near to us, the Moon attracts one part of the Earth - the part that is towards the Moon - stronger than the other side.

Does the full moon affect your sexual excitement?

There does not seem to be any significant affect of the Full Moon on human sexual behavior.

How does the moon affect the seasons?

The Moon really has no effect on the Earth's seasons.

How does the moon affect Tsunamis?

The moon does not have any significant effect on a tsunami.

Does it rain on a full moon?

The phases of the moon do not affect rain on Earth.

How does the moon affect the ocean tides?

the gravity of the moon pulls the ocean.