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How does the ocean move?

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The ocean moves in and out because of something called the tide. This happens due to the magnetic pull of the moon.

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How do ocean waves move?

they move by the ocean

What makes ocean water move?

The water move in oval in the ocean. This is how the ocean water moves in the ocean.

What causes plate to move?


Why do ocean plates move?

the ocean plates move because of the movement of the the tectonic plates beneath the ocean and do to the motion of the oceans currents.

What makes the continents and ocean floor unstable?

The continents and ocean floor are unstable because the plates of the lithosphere move. When the plate move, they cause the continents and ocean floor to move.

How do nutrients move in the ocean as a result of upwelling?

nutrients move from the cool nutrient-rich waters from the deep ocean into shallower ocean areas

What direction does ocean water move?

the ocean and sea move in different directions due to the wind direction

How do you clouds move from the ocean to land?

they dont move!

Why do dolphins live in the ocean?

because it is easyer to move in the ocean

What are streams of water in the ocean that move in a pattern?

Ocean currents.

Waters of the ocean that move in giant streams are called?

waters of the ocean that move in giant streams are called currents.

How do piranhas move in the ocean?

Piranha are freshwater fish. They don't move in the ocean. Their natural habitat is the rivers of South America.

Why does ocean temperature vary?

currents in the ocean move water around

How does the age of the ocean floor change as you move away from mid-oceanic ridge?

The age of the ocean floor increases as you move away from a mid-ocean-ridge.

How does water move land to the ocean and sea to the air?

Water moves land into the ocean by eroding the land and transporting it in rivers to the ocean. Water does not move sea into the air.

Where do glaciers go after they move?


How does the ocean floor move?


What does the ocean move away from the equator?


How do ocean currents move?

they move beacsue the Mississippi river makes it

What influence the movement of a ocean water?

water does not move its waves that move

How does the coriolis effect make ocean currents appear to move?

The coriolis effect makes ocean currents move in a curved path.

Why do ocean currents move?

they move because the wind and gravity pushes the ocean causing it to move from ocean to ocean.The gravity from the moon also impacts the oceans movement.The wind moves the water around spreading the water on the earth.

Can a tsunami move faster than a cheetah?

In open ocean, yes. A cheetah can move at 60 to 70 mph. A tsunami in open ocean can move at 500 to 600 mph.

How does ocean water circulate?

Currents move the ocean water, therefore circulating it!

Which direction do cold ocean currents move?

down toward the bottom of the ocean