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it flaps its wings.

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Q: How does the red tailed hawk protect itself?
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How does the red-taild hawk protect from predators?

The red-tailed hawk learned to protect itself from predators very early on in their lives. The red-tail hawk protects itself from the predators by watching and backing up then attacking with wings spread wide open. They use their claws and their beaks to attack and protect themselves from danger.

How does a red tailed hawk protect its young?

it puts its wings around the young hawk.[2011]

How does a red tailed hawk protect itself?

Adult red-tailed hawks are large formidable birds, and have few predators. Most predation on this species occurs to eggs and nestlings. Great horned owls are known predators of red-tailed hawk nestlings. Corvids are known predators of eggs and nestlings. (Preston and Beane, 1993)

What are some behavios of a red tailed hawk of a red tailed hawk?

They fly.

Is red tailed hawk a mammal?

No the red tailed hawk is not a mammal but a bird.

Is a Red-Tailed Hawk a birds of prey?

a Red-Tailed Hawk is a birds-of-prey

Is the Red tailed Hawk a Secondary Consumer?

Yes, the red-tailed hawk is a secondary consumer. This is because the red-tailed hawk eats the small mammals and birds.

Can a red tailed hawk live in the desert?

Yes, a Red-Tailed Hawk can live in the desert.

Predators of the red-tailed hawk?

There are no predators of the red tailed hawk because it flies in the sky

How big is an average red tailed hawk?

Red tailed hawk is "14-20in." Big

Is a red tailed hawk purple?

No..... A RED tailed hawk is not purple

Do peregrine falcon eat red tailed hawk?

I saw a video of a a peregrine falcon killing a red tailed hawk but I didn't see a peregrine falcon eating a red tailed hawk

How does a red tailed hawk protect themselves?

Red tailed hawks protect themselves by either swooping at the predator or defend it self with its talons/ But birds of prey really don't have predators thank you and bye.

Why does the red tailed hawk have red tail?

Because the tails of typical adults are red orange in color. But two races, the Krider's red tailed hawk, and the Harlan's red tailed hawk, have pale buff tails with faint bars.

How does a Red-Tailed Hawk catch its prey?

the red tailed hawk will dive down and trap their prey in their talons

Does the red tailed hawk have any predators?

yes a bald eagle sometimes hunt red-tailed hawk

What are animals related to a red tailed hawk?

The red tailed hawk is a "Buteo", a family of mainly large, robust, rodent eating hawks, and is related to other members of this group. Ohers are the red shouldered hawk, broad winged hawk, Swainson's hawk, rough legged hawk, ferruginous hawk, Short tailed hawk, Harris' hawk.

Where does red-tailed hawk lives?

In trees.

What is the biggest hawk in the world?

Red tailed hawk.

How do you tell the difference between a red tailed hawk or golden eagle?

The Red-tailed Hawk has a cinnamon-red top of the tail feathers.

Does a red tailed hawk have a backbone it is a?

A red tailed hawk has a back bone making it a vertebrate.

What is the life span of a Red Tailed Hawk?

The life span of a red tailed hawk is 25-35 years irrespective of their health

Does the red tailed hawk have a symbiotic relationship with another organism?

yes, the red-tailed hawk has a symbiotic relationship with a bald eagle

What type of hawk lives in the Grassland?

red-tailed hawk

What hawk eats a barn owl?

red tailed hawk