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When you have sex the sperm swims to an egg and fertilizes it. Unless it dies before it even reaches an egg.


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Sperm into mouth will not get you pregnant, only sperm into vagina can do that.

No, a woman cannot get pregnant from sperm on her lips. Sperm would have to enter the uterus to come into contact with an egg to fertilize and create an embryo.

Generally, Yes But, there are rare occasions when the sperm fertilises the egg while it is still in the fallopian tube. This is called an ectopic pregnancy. Sperm has to enter the vagina for a woman to become pregnant unless she is being artificially inseminated clinically, or having IVF treatment.

No a woman can not get pregnant from swallowing sperm. sperm needs to enter the vagina to get to the fallopian tubes it is the only way. Any sperm that is swallowed is simply digested along with what you had for diner.

Sperm gets into a woman through her vagina.

No. Semenial fluid/sperm is required to enter the vagina to get a woman pregnant.

The Male's sperm has to enter the woman during time of ovulation. The sperm travels through the Fallopian tubes of the female and inseminates the egg and creates a fertile egg which later attaches to the uterine wall.

It doesn't have to enter at all, just the sperm. If there is any entrance, there is a chance of pregnancy, depth is not a preventative.

Yes. The sperm can enter through the Peritoneal Cavity.

u probably asked this question because u want to get pregnant

Women do not have sperm.

An egg only allows one sperm to enter and is fertilized by that one sperm: 2 cannot enter.

sperm fertilzes the egg, without sperm no baby... so there is NO way a woman can get pregnant without contact of sperm

Yes, sperm can enter the uterus without fertilizing the egg. Just because a woman is fertile doesn't mean she will fall pregnant, there are a LOT of things that can go wrong to prevent pregnancy such as poor sperm quality or there not being enough sperm reaching the egg to fertilize it.

No; sperm must enter the vagina to get pregnant.

Sperm is killed when it is outside a human. When trying to enter an egg, most of the sperm will die.

A girl/woman can get pregnant the first time she has sex if she is ovulating.

No, the only way for you to get pregnant is for the sperm to enter the vagina.

Roosters have internally located testicles which produce sperm. The sperm leaves the testicles and enter the epididymis. The epididymis is where the sperm gain the ability to swim. They then enter the vas deferens where they are store until mating.

NO sperm has to enter vagina and travel into the womb and to fall0pian tube to enter egg and form zygote and drop to womb for growing. I wonder how sperm got into ear>>??

No. If a woman is infertile, sperm will have no effect on her. Infertile means she cannot get pregnant.

Dry sperm is dead sperm so nothing happens.

No, a girl won't get pregnant by eating sperm. The sperm need to enter the vagina.

When a woman touches your peeper

A sperm must join with an egg for a woman to get pregnant.

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