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maybe the stiff hairs prevent it from slipping in the Arctic snow? I'm not very sure either:)

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Q: How does the stiff hairs on the bottom of the polar bear's feet help it to survive in its natural habitat?
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Where is the Polar Bears natural habitat?

circumpolar artic

Where polar bears natural habitat?

arctic tundra

What is the natural habitat of the Polar Bear?

A polar bears habitat is land and ice and is foundin and around the Arctic Ocean. Be nice to them!!!!

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Do polar bear eat snakes?

no, snakes can't even survive in the same habitat as polar bears

Do polar bears eat guppies?

No, guppies can't be found in the natural habitat of a polar bear.

Why are global warming specialists watching the Arctic so closely?

If it melts, polar bears won't have natural habitat.

Do penguins and polar bears live in the same area?

No, polar bears live in the area of the North Pole and many penguins live in Antarctica. All penguins in their natural habitat live below the equator.

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Bears are made by their mothers in their natural habitat or in zoos. The kind that people like to hug are made in factories.

What is the habitat of bears?


How do black bears make there habitat?

black bears make there habitat by going in cave for the winter but i do not know how they get there food