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Q: How does the structure of the red blood cell of a person suffering from sickle cell anemia differ from the structure of a normal red blood cell?
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In which hereditary disease does abnormal hemoglobin differ from normal hemoglobin by only a single amino acid?

Sickle-cell anemia

How does sickle cell hemoglobin differ from normal hemoglobin?

The difference is in the quaternary structure.

What leads to normal hematocrit levels in anemia?

A condition known a methemoglobinemia, hematocrit can be normal but patients show symptoms of anemia

How does anemia affect a person's hematocrit?

Anemia will reduce the Hematocrit levels. Normal Hematocrit levels are 37-47 in females and 42-54 in males. In anemia, the levels are below normal. In polycythemia, they are above normal.

What type of anemia would cause a reduced hemoglobin level but a normal hematocrit?

normocytic anemia

What is normal blood count for anemia?

polar bears

What blood components decreased when you have anemia?

Decreased component depends on the type of anemia, but generally, anemia indicates a decrease in iron levels in the blood. However, you can have anemia with normal blood tests for iron.

The allele for the sickle cell trait is what with the normal allele?


What type of anemia causes reduced hemoglobin levels and normal hematocrit?

Normocytic anemia occurs when the overall hemoglobin levels are always decreased, but the red blood cell size (Mean corpuscular volume) remains normal.

What kind of anemia has a normal hematocrit but a below normal hemoglobin?

Iron deficiency anemia. The normal hematocrit (ratio of packed red blood cells to total blood volume) rules out anemia due to loss of blood cells through hemorrhage or sickling. Below-normal hemoglabin indicates an iron deficiency in this case. No available iron = no hemoglobin produced.

What would a less than normal number of erythrocytes indicate?


Can you have anemia with a normal hematocrit and hemoglobin?

yes, if you are dehydrated those values will appear to be within the normal range.

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