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Q: How does the submarime submerge and re-emerge?
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If all the ice would melt how much land in the world would be exposed?

Melting ice caps and ice sheets would not expose any additional land, that action would submerge beaches in water.

Is ethanol a good conductor of electricity?

no. it isn't. i dunno why, but when we did an experiment, ethanol didn't conduct electricity. what we did was to submerge a set of wires and metals that are supposed to light up a light bulb. ethanol didn't make it light up...tap water did. also sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. hope this helps.

When continental crust and oceanic crust collide what occurs?

This is referred to as a convergent plate boundary (oceanic-continental). The denser oceanic plate is forced underneath the lighter continental plate by a process called subduction.

Can submerging your hand in gasoline for extended periods of time kill you?

The simple answer is yes. Leaded gasoline contains tetra ethyl lead, which passes through the skin and kills you. Fortunately it's very dilute, so you'd have to have the gasoline on your skin for a long time. How long? I don't know. So it may not kill you, but it could cause serious effects since the gasoline will be absorbed into your bloodstream and that is dangerous. It would be a ghetto way of huffing. You should use plastic gloves, NOT RUBBER OR LATEX if you are going to submerge your hand in gasoline for extended periods. And avoid breathing leaded gasoline. xxx

Principle of water bath?

In a lab (or a kitchen) it is often esssential to keep a liquid mixture at an exact temperature without a gradient of heat (the bottom being hotter than the top) to make it "cook" properly. To do this scientists (and cooks) often submerge the vessel needing this controlled environment into a bath of water at a controlled temperature. The advantage is that the water in the wath presents the heated material with a constant temperature that will not exceed 100oC (the boilling point of water) so that over heating or scorching is avoided. The laboratory water bath is slightly more complex than the kitchen version (the double boiler) as the temperature can be controlled through sensors to wthin a degree of the desired temperature.

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How did malaria reemerge?

Baby jebus

What part of speech is the word submerge?

submerge is a verb. example: the submarine is about to submerge

How does a submarime work?

it's spelt is buoyant due to the ratio of air to mass. it "works" by a pretty standard boat engine.

What is the root word for submerge?

The root-word for submerge is the prefix sub. The prefix meaning under and beneath.

What is a good sentence using submerge in it?

Submerge those dishes in the soapy water, please. I was watching the submarine slowly submerge.

What is a sentence of submerge?

I was temporarily frozen in horror as my boat began to submerge.

What word beginning with sub means to sink in level?

Submerge Subside Subsidence

What are the ratings and certificates for Submerge - 2013?

Submerge - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA15+ (2014)

Use the word submerge in a sentence?

The submarine had orders to submerge three miles from the enemy coast.

What happens when a video game is cancelled?

It basically means that that game won't come out. But it can reemerge and come out.

After the disaster at Roanoke how many years did it take for the idea of creating colonies to reemerge?

19 years

What is a sentence using submerged in it?

Submerge those dishes in the soapy water, please. I was watching the submarine slowly submerge.