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in a regular 28 day cycle ovulation is usually 2 weeks from the first day of your last period. a good calculation site it

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Q: How does the subtraction work to figure out the day you are ovulating?
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Are you ovulating the day after your period?

It's different for everyone. I suggest you buy some ovulation sticks. You pee on them and they tell you when you are ovulating

Can you conceive the day you have intercourse?

yes if ur ovulating i

When is the female ovulating?

On or around day 14 of your cycle. The first day of your last period being day 1.

If the day you conceived is the day you started ovulating does this mean that your egg was fertilized on the same day?

Yes, the egg was fertilized on the day you conceived

How many days after your period do you ovulate?

AnswerIf you have a regular 28-day cycle, you should ovulate about 14 days after the first day of your period. You can tell when you are ovulating by buying some "sticks" at the pharmacy or supermarket. Basically, you urinate on them and they tell you when you are ovulating.

How can you tell when you're ovulating?

if your period is regular, it is usually around the 14th day. you can buy tests at the store - in the pregnancy test aisle - that tell you whether you are ovulating or not. alternatively, if you notice you are excreting more mucus than usual, that is a good indication that you are ovulating.

How does a woman know when she is ovulating?

She can get a crude idea by keeping track of which day in her period she's at. But bodies aren't clockwork, so this method isn't particularly reliable. She can also monitor her temperature closely. More work, but better accuracy. Or she can get a test, much like the OTC preg tests that will tell her when she's ovulating.

You are trying for a baby and only having 2-3 day periods 28 day cycle will this affect you getting pregnant?

Not necessarily. What matters is if you are ovulating. Having a 28 day cycle is a good indicator that you are ovulating regularly. You can use an ovulation prediction kit to find out the day you are ovulating and try having intercourse then. Typically if you are under 35 and not pregnant within a year or over 35 and not pregnant within 6 months you should see your doctor.

Can you get pregnant the same day you are ovulating?

hmmm...unless i missed something...THAT IS THE DAY YOUR MORE THAN LIKELY TO GET PREGNANT....!

How do you figure out hourly if you get paid salary?

If you work one day for £100 and work a ten hour day you earn £10 an hour. Basicaly divide the money you earn in a day, week, month etc into the amount of hours you work in that time period.

When is a womens ovulating time?

you start ovulating 12 to 14 days after your first day of your period Usually 2 weeks after the first day of your last period for example.Say you got your period on the 5th you would then ovulate give or take a couple of days on the 19th

When are girls most fertile?

It means if you count the day you start your period as day 1, you are likely to start ovulating on days 14-16

Why is mental math so important?

It will help when doing addition and subtraction in day to day life, for example: 'You are walking down the street, when you see a TV that is 40% off' you will be able to work out what the new price is and if you have enough money to buy it.

How can you tell when you are ovulating if you don't know how long your cycle is?

The pharmacy has ovulation tests that will tell you the best day to get pregnant. Clearblue easy also has a device found over the counter that will tell you when you are ovulating.

Can a woman get pregnant 1 day before is starts ovulating?

Yes, most certainly!

Can you be ovulating on day 20 of your cycle?

If you have a long cycle like 32 days you could.

Ovulating on day nineteen of a twenty eight day cycle How soon could you take a pregnancy test?

Not until you miss your period.

Yesterday was the 14Th day since you started your period your husband and you had intercourse and today you are having some cramps on your left side are you pregnant or ovulating?

probabley ovulating. but the best idea is to get a pregnancy test asap.

Can you get pregnant if the semen rubs off on a very fluid vagina on your 2nd day of ovulating?


Can you get pregnant a day after ovulating?

After ovulation an egg can survive in your body from 6 hours to 24 hours.

Do males have uterus?

Depending on the day, there have been several documented incidents of human males ovulating.

What are the chances of getting pregnant during your period on the last day?

Very low- you usually have to be ovulating to get pregnant, which happens a week later. Although you usually have to be ovulating, you can still get pregnant now, so take precautions

What does ovulating feel like?

It usually feels like a small pain or cramp in one side or another. Each woman is different and it can be more or less what I describe. If it is around day 14 of your cycle it usually is ovulating that is happening.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend put sperm on your chest and you put it in your virgina like 1 min later I'm was on my second to last day of ovulating?

Yes, you put live sperms inside you while you were ovulating. That can lead to pregnancy.

You were ovulating and had intercourse with two different men on the same day different times who is the daddy?

the flash the flash