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it doesnt have anything to do with that


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I'm a Mormon so in my religion, no. you cant eat or drink anything for that day. and you are also supposed to not go shopping or anything... a day of relaxation.

There's no particular time of day you shouldn't drink water. However, try not to drink during meals. The related link tells you why.

You can drink anything on Thanksgiving. Things like: soda, tea, water, alcoholic drinks, etc.

watever u want to drink! you just cant have anything else the rest of the day.

You can drink but don't be chewing on anything for about a day. It needs to heal a bit.

You should drink water when you are thirsty! Remember to drink at least 2 litres of water a day!

if you are already ill, is not a good ideea to drink it. in time will making your body week, if you drink day, after day. too much energy boost in a day is harmful.

No, you are not allowed to drink water during fasting in Ramadan. The whole point of fasting in Ramadan is to not to eat or drink anything during the day.

elephants eat sleep , drink and play around all day

exercise in the morning without eating anything but drink water

You CAN drink 4 cups of milk a day, But it might not be a good idea if you are in sports or anything you run or be active in.

It is worse to drink a lot at one time every week. It's better to drink in moderation so you're body can handle it.

because when you do anything that makes you pleasure your brain you make dopamine that is i chemical that is like a reward from your brain to you but you whant more rewards so you listen more music until one day you are so addict that when you don't wear music in one full day your will experience same simpose like alchool

one drink a day won't be bad one drink a day won't be bad one drink a day won't be bad

Scotch and soda was Abner Doubleday's favorite drink. It was very famous at the time. It is a drink that is still a preferred choice to this day by some.

Drink a massive assload of water and the day of drugtest dont eat anything

they drink 4galllons1 day

they drink 1 gallon a day

Not every time you take a drink! You are supposed to rinse A LOT of times a day, but not every time you drink. If you smoke cigarettes, definitely rinse after those, and rinse after eating.

drink a lot of tea and your period will come in no time if you dRink like 3 cups a day

Of course you can! You're talking about the flavored juice drink that comes in pouches right? Yes. You can drink virtually anything with braces, as long as you brush your teeth properly 3 times a day.

Well we drink beer because it is a great part of celebration and in celebrating. People drink beer at parties or small get-togethers or weddings! Those are happy times! So why not drink to make St. Patrick's day a happy time?

Only drink things that don't have a lot of calories. Diet soda and sugar-free drink mixes are examples, they only have about 10 calories per liter. Try to drink under 100 calories per day.

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