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How does the twisted pair and coaxial cable the signal differ from the signal in the fiber optic cable?


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fiber -optic cable signal is light signal coaxial and twisted pair signal electrical


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Twisted pair wiring is a digital signal.Coaxial cable is an analog signal.

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Electrical signal - is used by twisted pair cable and coxial. Light signal - is used by fiber optic.

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describe Difference between coaxial cable and twisted pair cable? describe Difference between coaxial cable and twisted pair cable?

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It is not true. Attenuation is higher in twisted pair cable. See related links: It is, because coaxial cable is concluded system and magnetic field of signal in coaxial cable is kept inside the cable so there is little energy losses because no energy is spent on inducing currents outside of cable.

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Both the coaxial cable and twisted pair cable have a basic connection medium for network cabling. <<>> Coaxial cable can be used for transmission of RF (radio frequencies) whereas Cat 5 (twisted pairs cable) can not.

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