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Q: How does the water cycle affect people?
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Related questions

What cycle will Deforestation affect?

It can affect the Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle and Water Cycle.

How can the water cycle affect people?

If we had no precipitation plants might not grow.

How do rivers and streams affect the water cycle?

Rivers and streams provide water for evaporation. They affect the water cycle.

Will deforestation affect the water cycle?

Yes deforestation affect water cycle. The rate of transpiration decreases.

How does weather affect the water cycle?

It doesn't, the water cycle affects weather.

How does the weather affect the water cycle?

It doesn't, the water cycle affects weather.

What are some ways that can affect the water cycle?

Human activities can affect water cycle. As a result, it becomes imbalanced.

How do people affect water cycle?

Because they litter everywhere, and pollute the rivers and oceans.

How does deforastation affect the water cycle?

Deforestation affect water cycle in a serious way. It slows down the process of transpiration.

How do land forms affect the water cycle?

Landforms affect water cycle. The direction of wind also causes variations.

How does technology affect the water cycle?

Technology can pollute the water cycle.

How does the water cycle affect the ecosystem?

Water cycle brings water to the ecosystem. The water is replenished back.

How does pesticipes affect the water cycle?

Pesticides pollute the water. It affects water cycle adversely.

How can you inturuput the water cycle?

Water cycle can be interrupted by deforestation. Water pollution can also affect it.

Does recycled water affect the water cycle?


Does climate affect the water cycle?


Why does the water cycle affect weather patterns and climate?

Yes water cycle affect weather pattern and climate. They are changed after precipitation.

Does burning fossil fuels affect the water cycle?

No, the burning of fossil fuels affects the carbon cycle, but not the water cycle.

How do tornadoes affect the water cycle?

They don't. They are products of the water cycle, but to not play an active role in it.

How does the water cycle affect the tundra ecosytem?

The water cycle affects the tundra by giving water to the animals and plants.

How can deforestation affect the atmosphere and the water cycle?

Deforestation causes ecological imbalance.The rate of transpiration decreases which affect water cycle.

How does desertification affect the water cycle?

Desertification causes water scarcity. No water comes by the process of water cycle in such areas.

How does volcanoes affect the water cycle?

since the gas goes into the air that's how it effects the water cycle

What would cause the water cycle to end?

The ecological imbalance will cause water cycle to end. Human activities will affect the water cycle adversely.

Can the water cycle affect weather patterns?


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