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How does the water cycle occur in nature?


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by means of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. :)


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without nature the water cycle is useless to use nature is the reason that clouds are generates ans with out clouds a major part of the water cycle is damaged

Water cycle is a slow process. But it is continuous in nature.

Chemical change does not occur in water cycle. There is no change in chemical structure.

nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle, water cycle, and sulfur cycle

The whole cycle is known as the water cycle.

Evaporation and condensation are reversible reactions. They occur in water cycle.

There are four processes that occur during water cycle. It Includes evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.

the reactions occur in the matrix of the mitochondria

It occurs in the water cycle.

The complete water cycle will be imbalanced.The complete cycle will not occur.

Few other cycles in nature are same as water cycle. These are carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle etc.

The water cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the carbon cycle and the biomass cycle, i think.

because its part of the water cycle

The water cycle occur between the earth and the air. It is a cyclic process.

Yes, the water cycle occurs all over the world.

it is important to make rain or water vapor

Evaporation , condensation, precipitation are main processes. They occur during water cycle.

Evaporation mostly occur over bodies of water as seas and oceans.

Water of course, sunlight and plants.

Gas (Water Vapor), Liquid (Water), Solid, (Ice)

Water is bidirectional process. It is cyclic in nature.

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