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The widow Douglas tries to reform Huck by being a positive and good role model for him. They also try to help Huck's father by giving him food and clothing.

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Q: How does the widow Douglas try to reform huck?
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What do judge thatcher and the widow Douglas do to try to help Huck escape his father?

both of them try to be his guardian legally by a new judge.

What does Huck think about religion?

He is not that fond of it. Miss Watson and Widow Douglas try pushing it on him but he does not care to listen to them about any of it.

Why does Huckleberry Finn not get along with Miss Watson and Widow Douglas in 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'?

Huck FinnHuck is a child of the country, therefore he is uncivilized, unschooled and he has a childlike way of cutting to the heart of a subject. The Widow Douglas and Miss Watson are kindly older women who are of the upper levels of society. As they take Huck in and try to civilize him it goes against his very wild nature. Neither party really understood the other, nor tries to. One wanted change and the other refused to.Also, Widow Douglas and Miss Watson represent some of the hypocrisies of society. Huck sees the widow chewing tobacco, and yet is not allowed to smoke. Miss Watson does the exact things that she is teaching her children not to do. Huck is a very logical child, and he hates these hypocrisies.

Huck struggles against society and its attempts to civilize him.The persons who try to civilize him are Miss Watson the Widow Douglas and other adults he comes across.How does this help Huck grow up?

Not only do Miss Watson and Widow Douglas push their views of society on Huck, Tom, Jim and Pap do as well. As Huck learns about the beliefs of Tom and the "books" and Jim's beliefs in voodoo, superstitions, and charms he grows up. Huck does not like living in the ways of Widow Douglas or Pap ultimately leading to his escape to Jackson's Island. The way other people are trying to civilize him is taking away his innocence. As he breaks away from others' personal beliefs, he is becoming more of an individual and listens to his heart. This is proven when he states "I'll go to helll" (207).

Who is Miss Watson?

MIss Watson is another figure like the widow Douglas in Huckleberry Finn. They are sisters and both try to 'sivilize' him and teach him religion. They try to dress him properly. Miss Watson is also the owner of Jim, the slave who runs away and ends up traveling with Huck.

How did huck try to convince his pap that he been murdered?

huck killed the pig and spread the blood around the cabin

How did Huck try to convince his pap that he had been murdered?

huck killed the pig and spread the blood around the cabin

In what ways do they try to change huck?

they want to "sivilize" Huck and try to change him from his free and carefree ways, Miss Watson tries to make him believe in the "good book"

That sociologists should try to reform society or study it dispassionately?


What is a huck in ultimate frisbee?

A huck is when you throw the disc as far as you can down the field, whether it be to get the disc out or to try to get a point from long distance.

Which group of people did Huck try try to explain to Jim spoke a different language than Americans?


Why does Huck stop and try to save the murderers and what does this say about his character?

Because they are human beings. This tells us that Huck has a character of being genuine a fine individual

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