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Yes. A wider winspan will make a paper airplane fly farther.

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Q: How does the wingspan of a paper airplane affects the it flies?
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What kind of paper airplane flies the farthest?

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Which flies paper airplane or foil airplane?

Paper, because it is much lighter, and a foil airplane will take up much more mass.

Which type of homemade paper airplane flies best?


Which paper airplane flies further the dart or the custom?


Does the wing of the paper airplane make it fly far?

The wing of the paper airplane can make it fly far. For a glider, make a large wingspan and light, evenly balanced weight. Also, the wider the wings are the easier it will be to gain lift and the more narrower the wings are the harder it will be to stay in the air longer.

How do you build paper airplanes?

A good paper airplane should be well-balanced and have a wingspan appropriate to its type (stunt, glider, or dart). For more information, go to .

What does drag affect paper airplanes'?

Drag affects everything that flies.

Does the type of paper affect how far an airplane flies?

well some paper can be more heavy than other paper so yes

The longest duration for a paper airplane to stay aloft indoors is how many seconds?

A paper airplane by ken Blackburn is the longest to stay aloftin 27.9 secs. but a walkalong glider flies long too but it is not a paper airplane because you still need to cut tape and fold.

How does drag affect a paper airplane?

Drag effects paper airplane just as it affects anything else that moves. It is either parasitic or induced on paper airplanes. Drag may reduce a paper airplanes speed and/or range.

How does the design of a paper airplane affects it's flight?

The weight of the paper. If you accumulate a lot of paper at one place (depending on the design) it could bring the airplane down faster than if you didn't accumulate so much paper in one place.

What type of paper airplane design flies the farthest?

Well, It depends on the density of the paper, the wings, the hull, the design, the aerodynamics, and the lift it creates. One easy one is just to make the basic paper airplane, and experiment from there. But here are three good designs: The dragon, The champ, and nick's plane.