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We can’t answer because we don’t have the illustration given to you.

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Q: How does this image illustrate the outcome of Shays Rebellion?
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Which characteristic of the Neolithic period does this image illustrate?

the domestication of cattle

Is illustration is a literal image?

i have the same question! :d..i don't think OS because i have always thought of it as a representation of an actual image the could "illustrate" or give an idea of what the actual image or object is. Illustrate sounds like shedding light....originated from lustre?

Why did the author of how to jump start a car battery choose to use this image?

To illustrate where to attach the jumper cables to the car battery

Does WikiAnswers use images to illustrate answers?

Not directly into answers. However - you can always provide a related link to an image to reinforce your answer.

Why did the author of how to jump start a car battery choose the use this image?

To illustrate where to attach the jumper cables to the car battery

Another word for portray?

act like, characterize, copy, delineate, depict, describe, draw, duplicate, figure, illustrate, image, impersonate, interpret, limn, mimic, paint, parody, photograph, picture, render, reproduce, simulate, sketch

What are the parts of the book with picture?

Most likely, you are asking about illustrations; a picture to illustrate a book, newspaper, etc.Otherwise, you may be thinking of visual aid, image, drawing, sketch, figure,or artwork.

How do you illustrate words?

There are many ways to interpret this question, so I'll answer them all 1. actually writing them down 2. Calligraphy 3. taking what has been written or said, and turn it into an image

What does a business logo cost normally?

The price of a business logo will vary depending on the amount of color that is used with in it and the amount of shapes forming it. Such as the complexity of its design and the degree of colors used to illustrate their image will cost more.

Why is your image in a spoon is upside down if you look into into the bowl but erect if you look into the back?

What a nice question. These two different images illustrate the difference between a reflection from a concave and a convex surface. However, if you look in a concave beauty/shaving mirror, you'll still find the image erect. For you will be closer to the mirror than the length of its focus. Enlarged a little indeed.

What are the components of public speaking?

Come up with your top five messages. Think of a story to illustrate each message. come up with an image that conveys each message point if you are using PPT. have notes on a single sheet of paper. Rehearse on video.

What is a pre image in goemetry?

a pre-image is an image before and image is an image after