How does tourettes start?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How does tourettes start?
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What is the percent of the world that has tourettes?

4 percent of the people have tourettes 4 percent of the people have tourettes

What are the symptoms for tourettes?

There is a differents between Transient tic's and tourettes. If you have these transient tic's nonstop for a year. It is considered tourettes. You usally figure out if you have tourettes at the age of six.

When was Tourettes - band - created?

Tourettes - band - was created in 2000.

Does Gordon Ramsay have tourettes?

No Gordon Ramsay doesn't have Tourettes.

What systems does tourettes syndrome attack?

Tourettes Syndrom is a condition in the Nervous System

What are the release dates for The Tourettes Guy - 2005 Lotto Numbers 1-5?

The Tourettes Guy - 2005 Lotto Numbers 1-5 was released on: USA: 2005

Is this the correct was to spell tourettes?

Yes, 'tourettes' is correct.--- Not if you refer to the syndrome. Then it is spelled Tourette's

How is tourettes inherited?

It is passed down through genes. So if somebody has tourettes, there is a high chance for their kids to have tourettes.

Is there a vacine the can prevent tourettes?

No, there has not been a cure or vaccine that can prevent Tourettes made. We hope someday there might be

What is slow-mo tourettes?

Slow-mo Tourettes (or also known as Slow Motion Tourettes) is a form of Tourettes in which everything the diagnosed person does is in slow motion eg. Walking or even swearing I Hope this helped and if you have this you will go through a mixed amount of emotions (very Slowly)

Who can diagnose tourettes?


Does Cody have tourettes?