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How does turning off the lights help save energy?


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Turning off the lights when not needed can help save electricity. Consequently, this can help save energy.


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Lights use energy. Turning them off saves energy.

It's really quite basic: * When a light is turned on, it uses energy. * When it is turned off, it doesn't.

By turning off lights when your not using them, turn off water while brushing your teeth. Also you can air dry your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer.

10 to 20 percent of your total household electricity usage.

Turning off the lights does not actually save energy; energy not burned by the lights is simply run into the ground. It will save you $$, but not save energy. However, turning off the lights does send a market signal to electricity producers, informing them that current electricity production is too high (because it is being wasted) and decreasing future loads.Conserve energy? It completely stops the use of it. How much more can you conserve?update: Hopefully the person above is taking their own advice and not voting or reproducing :-) "It completely stops the use of [energy]?" No, it stops your use of it, but the energy company still burns it if you don't use it. Only when we stop using it on a large scale does the energy company not produce as much, and we then save. Turning off that light right now? Earth hour? Not saving the planet or any energy. Only if we do it ALL THE TIME.

led lites save energy because they have less energy.

you can save energy by turning lights of and getting energy efficient appliancesOne way we can conserve energy is, using stuff like electric cars, and rechargeable batteries

Yes. Turning off any device when it is not in use will save power and energy.

well by turning it off you save about over 1000 volts which could power 2 lights

Nothing that requires to be switched on to a power source can save energy , but neon lights use less than some others.

things that save energy are buying florescent (curly bulbs) bulbs, using spray foam to keep in heat and cooling, your actions (turning off lights, using sun light when you can instaed of indoor lights, etc.).

turning all appliances to stand by when not in use

shut the lights off when you leave

Yes! Most definitely! Turning of the lights is financially or moneywise good for you, and then of course its also good for the envirnment. So yes! If not for yourself, for mother nature, save the earth and all that!!! ;)

There are many ways to save energy.Some are:Turn the lights off when you leave a roomPut full loads of clothes in the laundryUse energy efficient appliancesDon't use electrical appliances that muchWear a sweater instead of turning the heat onRemember; These are only some ways to save energy. There are many more. BE GREEN!

Because a lit lamp use energy. Switch it off and you save energy.

By helping yourself first. Help recycle cans, bottles and newspapers in your local area. Help or join community servers or world wide eco-helpers. Save energy in your household, like turning off some of your lights when your not using them. And avoid using substances that harm your environment.

Some forms of electircity are cretaed via water geneerators, so conserving electricity means that less energy has to be produced by the water.

Turn the lights when ever you don't need them save energy people

Turn off lights in rooms when you are not using them

This is is because they help save energy and help make wind energy.

turning off al lights dont waste all the water dont leave your tv and computer on for a long time dont use all the powers from aircondishiners and fans

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