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It can make disasters and damages to properties, but to humans it can have a result of death. Most number of people will be hard for them to move on and to survive by the concrete nature.

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Q: How does volcanoes effects humans?
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What are the effects of volcanoes on people?

Effects of VolcanoesDeath of humansCrops deadlivestock dead

Did volcanoes create humans?

No, volcanoes did not create humans.

What effects do volcanoes and earthquakes have on Central America and the Caribbean?

What effects do volcanoes and earthquakes have on Central America

What are the effects of volcanoes?

Volcanoes can have long-term effects on climate; they can make the world cooler. Volcanoes can also cause famine and other widespread destruction.

Can humans control volcanoes eruption?


Why are volcanoes extreme for humans?

The heat is too extreme for humans to survive.

What effects do plains and plateaus have on humans?

what effects so plateaus have on humans

What are harmful effects of volcanoes?

forest fires

What is the benificial effects of volcanoes?

They to the people of cities

What are the effects of mud volcanoes?

lots of mud

What are the effects of volcanoes erupting in Hawaii?


What effect do volcanoes have on humans?

They burn us!

What are some effects of Shield Volcanoes?

A hazard from shield volcanoes is burning of trees, homes, etc.

What effects do volcanoes have on the earth?

How do I know. I wanted to know!

What are some negative effects of volcanoes?

loss of family

What are the possible effects of a volcano eruption?

many volcanoes erupts differrent some volcanoes are deadly but others may be not

Why are volcanoes so dangerous to humans?

Volcanoes are very dangerous to humans in particular because of the poisonous vapors and the amazingly high temperature, as well as the fact that they tend to be very unpredictable!!

What are the effects of divergent boundaries?

The spilling of magma and the emerging of volcanoes.

Short-term effects that volcanoes do to the hydrosphere?


What are the harmful effects of volcanoes?

They can spew larva and kill people.

What are some destructive effects of earthquakes?

volcanoes eropes tsunami

What effects do volcanoes have on the environment?

it destroys them and kills all in its way

What effect does deforestation have on humans?

what effects does deforestation on humans

What is the potential hazard of volcanoes?

The potential hazards of volcanoes is what kind of effects they have, or the aftermath of their eruptions, etc... I hope this explanation helps :)

How does a volcanoes impact humans?

killin or injurin ppl obviouslyy