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How does waste affect humans?

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pie damages your health because it clogs your arteries, 70% of pie eaters have heart attacks in the UK and USA each year.

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How does nuclear waste affect humans?

it kills your AUNT Animals Universe Nature Trees

How does human activities affect the sea?

bc humans are dumping waste into it and they are polluting the hell out of it !!

How does tornadoes affect the earth?

It could uproot trees and lay waste to town where humans live.

How do humans affect the movement of water within a drainage basin?

polluting it putting waste and recycling in it and carbon dioxide.

How does hazardous waste affect the environment?

it harms our environment by poisoning humans and animals at a high rate of lead mercury [etc]

How do humans waste natural resources in Antarctica?

There are no natural resources available in Antarctica for humans to waste.

What is waste material that is harmful to humans?

hazardous waste

Is urine the only waste product that humans excrete?

No, urine is not the only waste product that humans excrete. Humans also excrete waste solids as fecal matter, and waste gas - primarily carbon dioxide and water vapor.

How do humans affect forests?

By setting it on fire and pooping in the trees. Peeing there also sets off a toxic waste which starts fire.

What is fecal waste?

Fecal waste is the waste that humans and animals dispose of. This waste is made of digested food from the stomach.

How do humans affect an earthquake?

Humans don't affect the occurance of earthquakes.

How does pesticides affect humans and animals?

*How do pesticides affect humans and animals?

How do humans affect environments?

Humans affect the enviorment by the green house affect ,polution and having landfills

What waste substance is in the air that is exhaled?

For humans, the waste substance is carbon dioxide.

How do rats excrete waste?

Rats excrete waste in the same manner humans do!

What is toxicity and how it does it affect humans?

It is the degree of which a substance can affect humans. A toxin or a poison.

What is the waste gas?

The waste gas that is expelled from the lungs of humans is carbon dioxide. Humans also produce waste gas which is excreted in fecal matter. This gas is called hydrogen sulfide.

How do humans affect water biomes?

due to large game fishing and pollution the water biome is dwindling fast. And they are dumping waste into fresh water too.

How do insects excrete waste?

Same way humans do. Same way humans do.

Why are humans responsible for toxic waste?

Because humans invented it, made it, and then discarded it.

How do grasshoppers get rid of waste?

Their digestive system pushes the waste out just like humans:)

How does an animal get waste out?

Just like humans do.

How do grasshoppers excrete waste?

Grasshoppers excrete waste by digesting their food in a similar fashion to humans. The waste is then deposited out of the anus.

How do mollusks affect humans?

They help humans obtain food and affect the food chain enormously.

How do humans affect leopards?

Humans affect leopards by killing them and using them for their fur,skin and teeth.

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