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The sun is the driver of all weather. without its energy there would be no "weather" at all.
The sun heats the land and the waters of earth. when land is heated the air above it expands and rises cooler air rushes in to fill the void. when water is heated it evaporates which rise to form clouds and carries water far and when it cools it falls as rain or snow.
as all the air moves wind is produced and its all a very complex system with much much more to it which is why weather prediction is so bad.

You could also say the water cycle

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Describe how air water and the sun interact to cause weather?

Well, air, water, and the sun interact to cause weather because the sun controls the weather. it's just like a water cycle.

What is the 4 factors that interact to cause weather?

The heat energy, air pressure, winds, and moisture are the four factors that interact to cause weather.

How do these particles interact with water vapor in the air?

The particles cause water vapor to evaporate

What can the interaction of air water and sun cause?


How do water and air affect weather?

water and air affects the weather because water is rain and air is wind. So when is rains the wind blows the rain in different directions and changes the weather. also water an air can affect the weather because when strong gust of wind can cause bad weather

How does earth's ocean of air and ocean of water interact?

how does the earth's ocean of air and ocean of water interact

What causes weather?

The sun, combined with the rotation of the Earth and the interaction of air with land and water cause weather.

How do particles in the air interact with water vapor?


What is the cause of weather is?

moisture in the air

How do air masses cause weather changes?

the air mass stuffies like changes the weather

What do changes in air pressure cause?

our weather!

How does dust in the air interact with water vapor in the air?

Water condenses around dust particles and becomes clouds.

What is saturating the air when the weather is humid?

Moisture (water droplets) is saturating the air when the weather is humid.

What are the seven factors that cause weather?

Weather is caused by water vapor, precipitation, cloud cover, landforms, bodies of water, elevation and air movement. for more information and links go to my site at,

Why does warm water cause bad weather?

Warm water warms and moistens the air directly above it. If this warm, moist air is uplifted it will cool and the moisture in it will condense, producing rain and potentially storms.

How animals weather rocks?

Animals burrow and these burrows then allow rain water and air to come in contact with rocks which can cause weathering.

Is weather the amount of water vapor in the air?


When the weather is humid there is what in the air?

There is water vapor

Does a hurricane have a geologic human or weather cause?

it has a weather cause. ----- The cause of a hurricane is warm water providing power to rising heated air, which produces a cyclonic set of winds because of the rotation of the earth. I would say geologic is the best description of these three.

What is caused by the interaction of air water and sun?

The interaction of air, water and SUN result in WEATHER!!!

How does a cyclone affect the weather?

The air cools and clouds form, and my cause rainy or stormy weather

How do living and nonliving things interact the environment?

air,water soil,sunlight

What can cause chemical weathering of rocks?

water, air, chemicals, ect Acid rain contains sulfuric acid that can chemically weather rocks.

To much air polution can cause?

Too much air pollution can cause bad weather and sicknesses and/or deaths of many species!

What are the three elements of weather?

sunshine or sun, water and air