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Water hardness has a direct effect on floaters. ie the harder the water the more animals can float on it.

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How can water pollution affect animals?

Water pollution can affect the animals because some animals drink the water so then the animal will get sick also some animals live in the water.

Whom does water pollution affect?

water pollution affect human beings , aquatic animals , water animals , plants

How does water hardness affect the color of hair dye or how long the color lasts?

In general, the hardness of municipal water has little effect on the color of hair dye or on how long it lasts.

How does hardness affect the safety of water for drinking?

Hard water is not a health hazard for drinking. However, hard water will affect cleaning and mineral buildup on water fixtures such as sinks and faucets.

How will you classify water in terms of degree of hardness?

- Soft water- Hard water, with:- temporary hardness- permanent hardness

What is the value of hardness in good distilled water?

There is no hardness is distilled water.

Mention the two types of water hardness?

temporary hardness and permanent hardness

Which does not cause hardness of water?

Magnesium sulfate (MgSo4) does not cause hardness of water.

How do you get rid of water hardness?

Salt is sometimes used to remove water hardness. Borax and soda are generally used as well to remove water hardness.

Wat salt is responsible for temporary and permanent hardness of water?

Temporary hardness of water: CaHCO3, MgHCO3 Permanent hardness of water: CaSO4, MgSO4

Does hardness affect a guppy?


What factors affect the rate at which rocks abrade in running water?

Answer: Age of the rock, and speed of the water moving, hardness of rock, how much rock there is

How can water pollution affect plants and animals?

The plants and animals would die

Water hardness due to?

Water hardness is do to minerals being in water. Calcium is a mineral that will cause you to have hard water.

What is the total hardness of drinking water?

the sum of hardness

Does a rock's color affect its hardness?

No colour is an aesthetic property, hardness is a physical one

How is hardness produced in water?

hardness produced in water which dissolves in Ca++,Mg++,Fe++

What is the water hardness in zip code 89005?

What is water hardness in zip code 55318

How does droughts affect the earth?

they affect the earth by not giving any water to the animals and plants!

What is the relation between hardness and conductivity?

water is relation between hardness and conductivity of water sample?

What do you understand by permanent and temporary hardness of water and how can you remove hardness of water?

i dont know the fist question but I know the 2nd one. you boil it so that you can remove the hardness of water

How does garbage in water affect humans?

it pollutes the water that we drink. or it pollutes the animals in the water that we eat.

What is hardness and softness in a aquarium?

Water hardness or softness refer to a number of water parameters. Most commonly hardness refers to what known as General Hardness(GH), which is basically a measure of the calcium and magnesium salts present in water. There is also Carbonate hardness(KH), which is a measure of the carbonate concentration of the water. Combined, these two form Total Hardness, ie, GH + KH = TH

How do you estimate hardness of water?

The water supplier can provide you the details on hardness level if you are on municipal water systems, If you are using private water then you can get tested in laboratories. You can even measure it with water hardness testing kits which you need to purchase.

What causes hardness of water?

Presence of bicarbonates of chlorides or sulphates of calcium or magnesium in water are the main causes of hardness of water.

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