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Physics explains this principle well - when evaporation takes place, cooling occurs. This is because for evaporation to take place, the water needs to change into vapor or gas and this only happens when there is heat in the surroundings. So when the water absorbs heat, it evaporates and this makes the container or surroundings cooler. The earthen pitcher contains many pores or small holes. When water is poured into the pot, a small part of it exits through these pores and evaporates from the surface of the pot, thus making the pot (and remaining water) cooler than before.

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because the porous surface allows evaporation and evaporation leads to cooling

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when the surface water is evaporate in air but the earthen pot is covered at up by a plate so it not allows to water vapours to go out of it and condens within it make decrease of temparature of earthen pot rather than surroundings temparature and makes earthen pot cool and the temparature of pot also adopted by water and make it also cool.

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Q: How does water kept in an earthen pot become cool during summers?
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How does water kept ina earthen pot become cool during summer?

By evaporation

How does the water kept in an earthen pot become cool during summer?

An earthen pot has small pores in its walls. When water is poured into it, some of it seeps through these pores to its outer surface. On reaching there, it evaporates.The heat required for evaporation is taken from the earthen pot and from the water in it. As a result, the water in an earthen pot gets cooled down.

How does the water kept in an earthen pot became cool during summer?

Ceramic heat earthen is low.

Short Answer how does the water kept in an earthen pot matka become cool during summer?

Evaporative cooling.During the process of evaporation ,air takes in heat, thus cooling down the surrounding areas.In other words, particles of liquid absorb energy from the surroundings to regain the heat lost during evaporation,thereby cooling nearby objects.Same is the case with an earthen pot.

Can you drink honey in warm water during summers?

No, it works on winter

Water cools down in an earthen pot give reaseons?

Earthen pots have tiny holes in them through which some of the water keeps seeping. But it is not noticeable. The water which is now outside the earthen pot evaporates. Durin evaporation, the water gain heat energy from the surroundings to evaporate. Thus the surroundings and the water in the earthen pot loses heat energy and cools gradually.

Is it safe to use water kept in earthen pots?

Depends whether the earthen pot is baked or not, if it is, it's safe to keep it.

Why water in old pot is not cooler when compare to new pot?

new earthen pots enable the water inside to seep outside to a certain extent which makes the surface of the pot damp.this moisture then evaporates and cools the water inside,but in older earthen pots seeping of water does not take place to an extent when it was new.therefore old earthen pots does not cool the water inside

Why is ethylene glycol added to water in radiator during summer?

It acts as a coolant and prevent the car from overheating during summers. Hope this Helps!!

How evaporation cools water in earthen pot?

Evaporation is an endothermic process.

Why water kept in earthen pot remains cold?

The earhern pots used for keeping water cool in summer have small pores in it.water seeps in these pores and evaporation causes cooling, earthen pots remain cool.

Laekage of pure water from earthen pot?

Due to capillarity water leaks through tiny pores of earth pots.Midun.M