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Weathering and erosion shape earths surface by changing earths surface by having extreme forces that change earth.


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Weather erosion is where the weather effects the shape of the earths surface

Solidification, weathering, erosion,and deposition are four processes that shape earth's surface.

Water, Wind, Wave, and Glacier Erosion as well as Mass Movement (or Erosion, Deposition, and Weathering)

Wheathering breaks down rocks and erosion transport it away by wind,rivers,sea

Bcouse they create erosion such as tsunami and tonadoes and floods

deposition may fill up depressions,basins,in Earths surface. When weathering moves things around,apperances may start to change,then we change it by moving rocks,and grass which changes the earth

Depisiton,erosion,weathering, and uplift

they both shape the earths surface and so in that way it shapes rocks. Mechanical weathering has release of pressure freezing and thawing and so on and so on

1. WEATHERING a. physical weathering/mechanical weathering b. chemical weathering 2. EROSION a. erosion by water b. erosion by wind c. erosion by ice/glaciers 3. MASS MOVEMENT a. landslide b. mudslide 4. TECTONIC PLATE MOVEMENT

The tectonic plates below earths surface shape earths landforms

Erosion and weathering and the earth taking shape

Weathering, erosion, or application of heat or pressure would result in the change in shape of a rock.

Plate tectonics, climate (weathering and erosion), and gravity.

Tornadoes do not effectively shape the earth's surface, they are too fleeting.

Four processes that shape the earth includes solidification, weathering, erosion, and deposition

No it is not. Erosion is a constant state of wear on a subject by the same force.. where as weathering is the consistant battering of a subject by differnent forces..causing both to change is shape and form and texture.

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