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Heart rate goes up anytime a person engages in aerobic exercise. An athlete who regularly runs, by participating in Track and Field for example, would have a lower resting heart rate than nonathletes.

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How does depressants affect the heart rate?

depressants affect the heart rate by its heart rate

Does fast dancing affect your heart rate?

yes it does affect your heart rate

Does caffeine affect your heart rate?

yes, caffeine does affect the heart rate

How do racing video games affect your heart rate?

All video games affect your heart rate. Even the S-T-U-P-I-D ones affect your heart rate. They accelerate your heart rate.

How does norepinephrine affect heart rate?

its increases heart rate

Why does exercise affect heart rate?

increase the heart rate

How does laughing affect your heart rate?

It increases your heart rate.

Does sports drinks affect the heart rate?

Yes sports drinks do affect your heart rate

How does aspirin affect your heart rate?

It does not affect your heart rate. Unless you severely overdose and die. Then your heart rate will be very very low, 0.

Does exercise affect heart rate?

Yes, excercise does affect your heart rate. It makes your heart faster of the oxygen and things.

Does video games affect heart rate and your heart rate?

If they get you excited, they will.

Does alcohol affect heart rate?

Alcohol slows the heart rate.

What factors can influence heart rate?

There are several things that can affect the heart rate. Exercise makes your blood pressure/ heart rate to rise because the heart has to pump blood faster. If you get scared or uncomfortable that can affect your heart rate.

How does rap affect heart rate?

Rap effects your heart rate because it speeds up your heart rate.

How does sports video game affect heart rate?

The only way it would affect your heart rate is if you got excited or nervous, which would raise your heart rate.

What affect does the sympathetic nervous system have on heart rate?

to increase heart rate.

How does alcohol affect the heart rate of Daphnia?

Alcohol increased the heart rate.

Is there a heart rate calculator for running?

I think what you are looking for is a heart rate MONITOR. You calculate what your target heart rate should be using a formula then the monitor helps you keep track of your heart rate.

How does heart rate affect the adrenal glands?

The heart rate in the human body doesn't actually affect the adrenal glands. Its the other way around. The adrenal glands affect the heart rate by rising the rate over what it actually should be.

What factor May affect the rate of heart beat?

Your heart rate can be affected through release in hormones, or caffeine, or exercising, or many drugs can also affect the heart rate by decreasing it.

How does temperature affect heart rate?

Lower temperatures cause heart rate to slow.

Do different types of music affect your heart rate?

yes. it will effect your heart rate

Do energy drinks affect heart rate?

Yes, caffeine increases your heart rate.

How does caffeine affect the heart rate as you get older?

Caffine will speed up the heart rate.

Does music affect heart rate?

Yes it does. Slow music decreases heart rate. Rock music increases heart rate.