Lactation and Breastfeeding

How early can breast milk produce?

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anytime during pregnancy anytime during pregnancy

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Can a woman produce breast milk after menopause?

No. She can not produce breast milk after menopause.

Why is there no milk in a breast?

A breast has to be lactating to produce milk.

How does breast milk produce?

Breast milk or lactation is caused by hormones from pregnancy.

Does air conditioning produce breast milk?

unsurprisingly, breast milk is produced by breasts.......

If you start to pump will you produce breast milk if you are not pregnant?

It will take weeks, most likely, to get a decent flow of milk, but yes, you will produce breast milk if you're not pregnant and pump. Even men can produce breast milk if they pump. Read the instructions that come with it.

Can breast produce milk after intercourse?

No. The only way to produce breast milk is to be pregnant, about 3-4 months into pregnancy or maybe more.

How long after childbirth can a woman produce milk?

A woman produce milk as long as she is stimulating her breast.

Can you produce milk after a breast implant?


Jeg err ikke?

Yes, Enrique Iglesias is known for having lots of chest muscle but can produce breast milk. His breast milk is actually Spanish milk. It is hard for him to produce milk because of his breast size and the nipple is folded under his chest

How can you produce breast milk if not pregnant?

=== === Both women and men can produce breast milk if they have or are given certain hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin. Women who have just given birth will usually continue to produce breast milk as long as they continue to nurse. In rare cases, women and men have been able to produce breast milk without the influence of medication. A tumor on the pituitary gland may cause hyperprolactinemia (excess prolactin in the blood) which will cause you to produce breast milk so if you are producing milk and are not pregnant or nursing you should see a doctor.

Is it possible to produce breast milk before giving birth?

you produce breast milk while you are pregnant. How else do you think the first thing the newborn does is breastfeed?

Why can a man produce milk from his breast?

A man can produce milk from his breast if he has a hormonal imbalance. Medication or damage to the pituitary gland can also cause a man to lactate.

Can a man produce breast milk?

Yes. Male breasts have milk ducts.

As long as you breast feed will you produce milk?


Can you produce breast milk if you never been pregnant?


When a pregnant women starts having milk in her breast?

as early in your 8th month pregnancy milk will starts leaking in your breast .

How many year woman give milk?

it actually depends on how much you breast feed your baby. if you breast feed on a regular basis your milk will produce up to 5 years tops. so basicly the more you breast feed the more milk you produce

Will Fenugreek help you to produce breast milk even if you are not pregnant?

No. Breast milk is only produced by hormones in the body after a baby is born.

Does a virgin have breast milk?

You have to be pregnant to have Breast Milk. Although your body can produce it while your a virgin. It won't come out until you are pregnant.

When do women produce milk from their breast?

After a baby is born there are hormones that trigger milk process.

How ling will you produce breast milk if you are not breast feeding?

Not long; the body will stop producing milk (lactating) if the breasts are not being used to nurse or pump milk.

What can make a women produce milk from their breast?

once they've had a baby... but not always. some just don't produce milk.

Is it normal not to produce breast milk while pregnant?

Yes, some women don't produce milk until after birth

Is it possible to mass produce breast milk like we do cow or goats milk.?

No. Female humans do not have the capacity to produce that much milk. Humans are not cows.

Do bigger breast produce more milk?

Ussaly yes.