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No. Breast milk is only produced by hormones in the body after a baby is born.

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Q: Will Fenugreek help you to produce breast milk even if you are not pregnant?
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Can a woman reproduce milk in her breast if she is not pregnant?

Yes, a woman can produce breastmilk, even if not pregnant.

If you use an electric breast pump daily will you produce your own breast milk even if you were not pregnant?

yes they can

If you start to pump will you produce breast milk if you are not pregnant?

It will take weeks, most likely, to get a decent flow of milk, but yes, you will produce breast milk if you're not pregnant and pump. Even men can produce breast milk if they pump. Read the instructions that come with it.

Can a woman be pregnant even she dont have a nipple on her breast?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if you don't have nipples.

Can taking prenatal vitamins cause you to have breast milk even if you aren't pregnant?

No. You have to have the hormones needed to produce milk. Vitamins don't make hormones.

Why do my breast smell like breast milk even tough I'm not breast feeding and am not pregnant?

Cause you need to wash your boobies

Is there medication to give mothers who produce breast milk even after they have stopped breast feeding for several years?

send it to me with pictures and you email

Can a male get a female pregnant even if he maturbates a lot?

Yes, even if you masturbate, you still produce sperm. You can get a girl pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if i have milk coming out of my breast?

The level of hormones that produce lactation is high during pregnancy.In some cases when the hormone level of lactation producing hormones are high even when not in pregnancy can induce lactation.

Can you be pregnant even if you don't have breast tenderness?

yes With my first pregnancy my breasts were so tender I could not bear to be cuddled. With my second I had no breast tenderness whatsoever.

Can a girl pregnant if guy sucks girl breast?

No she can only get pregnant if any of his " parts" get into her. But there one exception that if even if she's doing oral if she even swallows the sperm she can not get pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnant but you wanna do something. Try a condom. Hope this helps.

I dont even know if im pregnant but clear liquid came out of your breast what can be the possibilities?

If breast leakage is unusual for you, you should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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