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Ecology is the study of the interactions among organisms and their environment.


An ecosystem is made up of the abiotic and biotic factors in its environment.

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Q: How ecology related to enviromental science?
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How ecology related to environmental science?

Ecology is the study of ecosystems. Ecosystems form the environment of the planet.

How is earth science related to enviromental science?

They both have to do with nature and the things that affect/change it such as erosion and weathering.

What is the stuff in ecology?

Ecology includes growth of the human and enviromental stuff like photosynthesis and animals :P

Branches of science related to ecology?

tae yon amin

What are some branches of biology that are related to taxonomy?

The science of taxonomy is particularly related to evolutionary biology, and to ecology.

What is the Newest branch of earth science?

enviromental science

Is enviromental science an applied science or a pure science?

Its a delusion of science.

How Chemistry related of Science?

Chemistry is the science of matter. There are different branches of natural science chemistry is one. Others are zoology, botany, ecology, geology etc

What part of speech is ecological?

The word ecology is a noun. Ecology is a branch of the science Biology.

Importance of studying enviromental science?

Enviromental science is the study of how human activities affect earth's land,air,water,and living things.

What branch of science does a ecologist work in?

ecology is a branch of Biology. But its more of a subjct related to Geograph which isn't a pure science (ecology) ology=study of eco=living organism interaction with 'environment' biology bio= living ology=study of

What is the study of environments called?