How effective are vasectomies?

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Effectiveness: 99%+ once a vasetomy is performed the man must wait a certain amount of time before having intercourse. Also the Dr orders a follow up appt to make sure everything is not working. = Answer == Nothing is 100%. But this is REALLY close.

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Q: How effective are vasectomies?
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Does planned parenthood offer vasectomies?

Some Planned Parenthood locations offer vasectomies; all can refer to a provider who performs vasectomies.

Can you be pregnant your husband had a vasectomy about 5years ago?

Yes you can. A Vasectomy is not 100% effective. Unfortunately, vasectomies are not 100% reliable. Have his count tested.

Who are Vasectomies for?


What is vasectomies?

A vasectomy is when males have a surgery that enables them to become infertile. Some are reversible while some vasectomies are not.

Are vasectomies 100 percent garunteed?


Average age of men who get vasectomies?


Does vasectomies cause weight gain?


Does Medicaid cover vasectomies?

Only if the man is under Medicaid.

Can vasectomies be reversed?

Sometimes. You will have to ask your doctor to find out if yours can be reversed.

Can physician assistant do surgery?

Yes, they can do minor surgeries as vasectomies and circumcisions.

How many times can a man have vasectomies and reversals What is the world's record for the most vasectomies and reversals for one man?

Ive had 7 so far and i am getting another one tomorrow. I also signed my self up to get another one in july

What is the most effective contraceptives?

Currently, surgical sterilization is the most effective. Both vasectomies and tubal ligations approach 100% in effectiveness. As far as less-permanent methods go, the "pill" (taken exactly as prescribed) is probably the most effective, followed very closely by the new injections and IUDs. It should go without saying but proper, careful and consistent use of ANY contraceptive method is the key to effectiveness.

Does medi-cal cover vasectomies CA?

No, it is considered cosmetic surgery.

Where are vasectomy procedures done?

Vasectomies are often performed in the doctor's office using a local anesthesia.

Can a vasectomy reverse itself?

Yes, but it is fairly rare. Early vasectomies, in which the vas deferens was simply cut, sometimes did "grow back". Modern vasectomies involve the removal of a short segment of the vas deferens, and are extremely unlikely to grow back together naturally.

What is vasectomy?

A vasectomy is when males have a surgery that enables them to become infertile. Some are reversible while some vasectomies are not.

Is a vasectomy still efectave after 7 years?

Vasectomies are permanent, but can sometimes be surgically reversed, called a vasovasostomy.

Are there different types of vasectomies If so are ALL vasectomies reversible?

Some types are done by removing a section of the vas deferens which carries the spermatozoa to the urethra. Other methods involve tying them off. In either case, it is very difficult to reverse. Soon after a vasectomy, your body stops producing viable sperm.

Are Vasectomies used for anything other than sterilization?

yes, vasectomy is used for permanant birth control and for people with disabilities.

What type of doctor performs a vasectomy?

AnswerUrologists perform vasectomies.

What is the medical term meaning surgical sterilization of a male?

Absolute permanent sterility can be achieved through castration, but normally most men choose to have a vasectomy. However, not all vasectomies are permanent. It is very possible for the cut to grow (heal) back together, therefore the sperm will again be able to pass through. Vasectomies are also reversible.

Can a vasectomy be reversed after 6 years of vasectomy?

Yes, vasectomies have been successfully reversed as long as 10 years after being done.

I currently have a will from my yrs in the service. i would like to know what i need to do to make the necessary changes to the beneficiaies.Please help... thank you for your time...Jon?

Since sperm is donated for fertility purposes, it would be senseless to become a donor after a vasectomy. Men who have undergone vasectomies and who are interested in starting (or resuming) their own families have the option of reversing their vasectomies through microsurgery.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield ppo cover vasectomies?

yes they do! All that is needed is you to pay the doc's visit copay. this is normally $40

What percentage of men become infertile from a vasectomy even if the procedure is reversed?

Vasectomies can be reversed but 10% of men become infertile due to the surgery.