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Chlorine kills almost all types of bacteria and viruses, when given a time of hour or two. It find it difficult to kill the ova and cysts. But you can filter the water to remove the ova and cysts.

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Chlorine is almost 100 % effective in preventing the water borne diseases. Chlorine does not kill the ova and cysts of amoeba and worms. So you need filter the water. You can make water filter by using sand and gravel and water tank. Then you can easily make the water germ free by using chlorine. Alternately you can use the chlorine drops to to purify water in your house. This way the water borne diseases can be prevented by chlorine.

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Q: How effective is chlorine in preventing water borne diseases?
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How effective is chlorine in preventing diseases like cholera?

Chlorine added to drinking water and swimming pools has revolutionised the safety of drinking water throughout the world. The gas dissolves in water and fatallly damages the cell walls of water born bacteria such as eschera coli, (E coli) and cholera. If the water is left to stand the chlorine exits the water and the taste disappears. A source of safe water is the basis of modern civilization

What is air borne and water borne diseases?

Air borne diseases. These crop diseases are transmitted by the air, e.g., 'rust of wheat' , "blast of rice" , etc. Air-borne diseases attack all aerial parts of the plants, e.g., leaf, flower, and fruits. Water borne diseases. Pathogens of these crop diseases are transmitted by the water, e.g., "bacterial blight of rice".

What are water diseases called?

Water borne infections

What are some types of air-borne diseases?

Here are some air-borne diseases:the common coldinfluenzapneumoniatuberculosislegiollenosis

How do you prevent water born diseases?

water borne diseases can be prevented by boiling the water or adding chlorine to it

How are mosquito-borne diseases treated?

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What is the differences between viral and bacterial water-born disease?

The viral water-borne diseases cannot be treated by the antibiotics while the bacterial water-borne diseases can be treated by the antibiotics.

Why are mosquito-borne diseases less common in India?

Mosquito born diseases are very common in India.

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Who invented chlorine in World War 1?

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