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It doesn't really, but it does keep the colder air from reaching it hence the affect of the melting process. It's okay for thin ice and mostly clear ice, but not if you're trying to break a chunk off your roof. If this is a question for homework, the answer is this: Salt doesn't melt ice. Instead, the properties of salt repel cold air and attract warmer air, seemingly melting the ice. It is efficient for sidewalks and small portions, but not for larger jobs. The ice does melt because the salt makes the freezing rate lower

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Q: How efficiently does salt melt ice?
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What substance melts ice most efficiently sugar salt pepper or artificial sweetener?

== == Salt lowers the freezing point of water by 32 degrees. If salt is sprinkled onto ice, it causes the ice to melt by a heat transfer. Out of the substances listed, salt would melt ice most efficiently.

Is salt the same as ice melt?

no, but ice melt is a salt

Why does salt melt in ice?

Salt doesn't melt in ice. Salt lowers the freezing point of water. Which causes the ice to melt.

Do ice melt faster with salt or without salt?

Ice melt faster with salt.

What melt ice faster salt or sand?

Salt will melt ice faster.

How does fertilizer melt ice?

Fertilizer has salt in it, which would cause the ice to melt. When salt is placed on ice it reacts with it, causing it to melt.

Does sea salt melt ice?

yes sea salt can melt ice too

Will ice melt faster with sugar salt or the ice itself?

With salt because of the chemical salt has to make ice melt faster.

Is rock salt the same as ice melt?

Ice melt and rock salt are both used to melt ice, but they are different things. The catalyst in ice melt is calcium chloride. Ice melt generates heat immediately when poured on ice.

Will popcorn salt melt ice?

Yes, the salt on popcorn is common table salt, which can be used to melt ice.

What materials melt an ice cube most efficiently?

Materials that melt ice quickly include but aren't limited to: Salt/Rock salt: Used in the winter, rock salt easily melts ice on most surfaces, regular salt would have the same effect on an ice cube. Water: Depending on the temperature and pressure, water can melt ice in a matter of minutes (or longer, depending on the thickness of the ice) Heat (in any form): The amount of heat and the time applied.

What is the hypothesis for the salt melt ice?

the hypothesis is to see if salt will melt faster or slower on Ice

What is in salt water that it can melt ice?

salt. salt melts ice.

Why does salt cause ice on the sidewalks to melt?

salt on ice creates a "liquid brine" which generates heat to melt the ice

Which will make ice melt qicker ice or salt add to ice?

Salt added to ice will melt quicker than just plain ice.

What effect does salt have on ice?

Salt makes ice melt.

Why does kosher salt melt ice fast?

It takes 46:30 for kosher salt to melt ice!,

Will the amount of salt make a difference to melt ice?

Yes, the more salt the better to melt the ice.

What melt first of a ice cube salt and ice cube with salt?

an ice cube with salt

How does salt effect ice?

When you put salt on ice, the salt will melt it. Many people put rock salt down in the wintertime to help and melt ice on their driveways and/or sidewalks.

Why does sea salt melt ice?

Can I use sea salt to melt ice and will wild life come out on the highways to lick the salt

How does baking soda melt ice?

Baking soda is a type of salt so it will melt ice like salt. It will lower the freezing point of water and the ice will melt

How long does it take for iodized salt to melt ice?

It takes salt about 10-20 minutes to melt ice.

Which substance will melt the ice first salt or sugar?

Salt will melt first.

Does an ice cube melt faster with salt or vinegar?

it melt faster with salt