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If you are looking to purchase a tanning bed, then purchasing a used one is a good idea. A used tanning bed will vary in price depending on where you purchase it, but be prepared to still pay hundreds.

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Q: How expensive are used tanning beds?
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How often do you have to replace the bulbs on tanning beds and how expensive is it to maintain a tanning bed?

It depends on how often the bulbs are used. Tanning bulbs last a lot longer when they are not constantly on. Tanning beds in general are expensive to maintain. You will have a high electric bill and bulbs are expensive.

How expensive are home tanning beds?

Home tanning beds will generally run you between $1000 and $2000.

Where On the Internet can you purchase a used tanning bed?

You can purchase used tanning beds at 2nd sun tan, USED-Tanning-beds website, e-bay, The tanning bed company, Sunco tanning, and many other sites that are listed if you google used tanning beds.

Where can I offer my tanning beds for sale? is a free website for buying and selling used tanning beds for sale and used tanning salon . They offer to sell or buy almost new and refurbished tanning beds.

How reliable are St. Troperz tanning beds compared to other tanning beds?

St. troperz tanning beds have very high customers satisfaction scores and reliability rankings. They are not the high end of tanning beds but they rank in the middle. St. Troperz tanning beds are very reliable when compared to other tanning beds. St. Troperz tanning beds are often used by professional tanning salons.

Where might one find used Wolff tanning beds?

Wolff tanning beds are available through many places. However, when looking for used Wolff tanning beds, it might be a little more difficult finding one. First, try using Craigslist to see if anybody has one for sale. If not, at Wolf Tanning there are tanning beds by Wolf Tanning and are used.

Where can I purchase used tanning beds online?

You can search for used tanning beds by visiting Another great site is You can find used tanning beds by visiting You can also check out Ebay and

Does tanning lotion work in tanning beds?

A: Outdoor lotions should never be used in a tanning bed. Outdoor lotions will cause the acrylic to splinter, weaken and Crack. Tanning bed acrylics are very expensive to replace!!

What would be the most affordable tanning beds?

The most affordable tanning beds are those that are used, for instance those that are used and discarded from actual tanning salons. They cost several thousand dollars still.

Where can I find more information on tanning beds?

I would recommend researching tanning beds on a review website called This website features recommendations for home tanning beds and what benefits tanning beds might have for you.

Do you know where I can purchase a used tanning bed online?

You can go to The offer a wide range and good prices on used tanning beds.

Do any tanning beds have temperature settings?

SOHO tanning beds have temperature settings

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