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It varys depening on the phone, it could be as cheap as £15 but it usually varys from 25-40 quid

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โˆ™ 2008-12-27 18:51:58
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Q: How expensive is a phone contract?
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Is the price of the phone and the price of contract exactly the same?

no it is more expensive to get a contract by alot

How expensive is the LG Bliss?

Depending on the carrier and your contract plan, your price will vary. However, the phone costs about $100 without a contract.

How much is the most expensive HTC phone?

HTC's Butterfly might be the most expensive smart phone to date. It is still priced at $899.00. That is the price without a contract, most service provider will give s deep discount with a 1 or 2 year contract.

Why would someone want to buy a cell phone with no contract?

There are many reasons to purchase a cell phone with no contract. Prepaid phones can allow someone to change cell phones and plans frequently, and it can be less expensive than having a contract.

Can you trade your phone if it is on a contract with at and t?

Yes, you can. But it will be very difficult since it is a contract. Most likely you will be forced to pay the termination bill which is very expensive.

What features are lost when using a no contract phone?

No contract phones are typically more expensive to use that contract phones for moderate to heavy users, you will miss out on the benefits of free in-contract upgrades and have to pay full retail price. You will also have to insure no contract phone independently, when as this is usually included in the price of line rental for contract phones.

Is Payg mobile phone service less expensive than other companies?

The pay as you go cell phone is less expensive then a purchasing a contract cell phone from another company. The phone itself is less expensive and the fact that you prepay for the minutes makes the phone plan much cheaper.

How cheap can I get samsung phones?

Although Samsung phones are generally expensive, you can find cheap ones for free when you sign up for a cell phone contract. They give you the phone free if you sign a two year contract.

Can you tell me about the Verizon no contract plan?

People that have smartphones with Verizon may have no contract they just buy the smart phone in a very expensive price but with no contract. Just go to the Verizon website and see the plans.

If you buy a phone from tmobile and already have a tmobile phone do you have to pay for the contract and the sim?

No if you buy the phone straight, with no service just the phone. But if you do that you gonna have to pay full price for the phone so depending on the type of phone it could be very expensive. When you sign a contract you don't pay full price for the phone. Do you want an extra phone to swap sim cards like I do?

Get A No Contract Cell Phone For Less?

Many cities have low cost cell phone providers that offer flat fee pricing in advance and skip the free phone and contract. For most people who don't want the latest and greatest in cell phone technology, these providers can offer everything a good cell phone needs at a huge pricing discount. Several considerations will make it clear whether a no contract cell phone provider will work well for you.Do You Need An Expensive Phone?Most flat fee no contract cell phone companies carry a small selection of high end expensive phones and a large selection of low cost cell phone options. If you have a phone that can transfer to their service or don't mind a cheaper phone, a no contract cell phone plan will probably end up saving money even after the phone purchase or transfer. If you want a high end smart phone it may make sense to go with a contract carrier, though flat fee no contract cell phone providers are still a great option for anyone who wants a dependable cell phone bill no matter what they do with their phone.

Should you buy a non contract phone or a contract phone?

It is up to you. A contract means you can get the phone for free, and get a new one when the contract renews. Non contract is when you have to buy the phone up front and put a PAYG sim in it

How to buy a phone at The Cell Phone Shop?

Have you wanted to buy a phone from The Cell Phone Shop for a long time? Prices of different phones can vary based on what type of contract you want to buy with them. Many cell phone companies want their customers to enter into a long and expensive contract in order to ensure that they stay with the company for awhile.

What is best and good priced cell phone with no-contract?

Depending on the budget, phones without a contract may be expensive especially when choosing a smart phone. Phones from companies such as Motorolla are decent for a price around $100. For smart phones, prices may start around $250 or higher.

Is a sidekick expensive?

it depends which one you getting, when you getting it, where you getting it, and if you are buying the contract with it or just the phone.. right now i have a sidekick 09 and i payed 450 or 400 becasue i was not buying the contract i was buyinh JUST THE PHONE.. if i were to start a new contract than it would be 250. and i bough mine at the tmobile store

What is the best, decently-priced Verizon phone with no-contract?

Depending on the budget, phones without a contract may be expensive especially when choosing a smart phone. Phones from companies such as Motorolla are decent for a price lower than $100. For smart phones such as Samsung, it may start around $250.

What is a contract cell phone?

When you get a cell phone, it can be paid for a few different ways. Typically, you agree to maintain your service for a set period of time, generally two years. That's your "contract period". Cell phone contracts are rich enough that the carrier can afford to either give you a phone outright, or give you a great discount on the purchase - because you'll have paid WAY MORE than the price of the phone over the 2 years of the contract. Other cell phones have no monthly contract, but are pre-paid, or are pay-as-you-go without a contract. No-contract cell phone plans generally have fewer features, or are more expensive, because the carrier can't shift the up-front cost of the phone onto your long-term contract.

What is the difference between contract and prepaid cell phone services?

on a contract phone your 'locked in 'the CONTRACT for two years ,but when you have a prepaid phone you pay monthly.

How much does the iPhone 4S cost without a contract?

Handsets range from £499 upwords in the UK. Like any new phone to the market, the upfront costs of not being on a contract are very expensive.

Consider Your Contract When Comparing Cell Phone Prices?

When you get a new phone at an extreme discount through a contract for service, you usually end up paying for that phone several times over by the time your contract is up. Cell phone prices can frequently seem artificially cheap because of the expensive contracts people get into with the carrier that gives you your phone. When you look at a phone's price, check with the carrier to see if there is a cheaper plan available for someone who buys the phone without a subsidy. Take the monthly difference of that plan over the life of your contract when considering price.

If you get a phone free with a contract do you get to keep the phone after the contract expires?

Yes the phone is officially yours! It's not like a lease or anything where you have to give it back at the end. While the phone is free, phone companies make their profits from the monthly contracts. Tons of people use their upgrade to get an expensive cool phone with intention of selling it online. They just keep using their old phone and get a couple hundred bucks.

Why is prepaid cellular service much more expensive than the post-paid one?

Since you have a contract with the cell phone carrier, they can count on having your business for a set amount of time, which means they can charge you less. That said, prepaid phone service isn't necessarily more expensive than a contract plan, especially if you don't talk much.

What are some important things to look out for when signing a new cell phone contract?

When signing a new cell phone contract you want to make sure that you are getting a plan that will work with your phone. If you have a smart phone, or plan to use web-based features on your phone you should make sure your contract has a data plan. If you are simply using your phone to make calls and send text messages, you most likely will not need such an expensive plan. Lastly, make sure that you can make changes to your plan when signing your contract. If your situation changes with in the normal 2 year contract window you will want the felxability to adjust your plan to suit your needs.

What is the worlds most expensive phone?

the world most expensive phone is a smart pair phone

What is good and bad about prepaid mobile phones?

A prepaid phone service is a bit more expensive than a contract phone service. They can be cheaper if you need a disposable phone so someone can't track your regular number.