How famous is the flute?

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the Flute is fairly famous you see at least 2-3 flutes in every concert band or orchestra you even see some flute players in todays Rock Music

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Q: How famous is the flute?
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What is some famous music for the flute?

One of the famous muisic for flute is "Magic Flute" by W. A. Mozart.

Who are the most famous flute playerS?

Some famous flute players include James Galway and Jeanne Bastresser. Alexa Still and Viviana Guzman are other famous flute players.

What were some famous flute players?

Liberace and Elton John are the most famous skin flute players

What are the 5 most famous pieces written for the flute?

Mozart flute concerto

Was Megan fox famous as a child?

no megan was not famous she was good at the flute

Who is famous in Australia for playing the flute?

the traitional flute is the didgeridoo, the australians play the didgeridoo in australia.

Famous flute music?

flight of the bumblebee

Who is a famous flute performer?

JameS galway

Who is somebody that is a famous flute?

Trevor James

Who is famous for playing flute?

James Galway

What is the most famous piece of music played by flute?

Both Syrinx or the flute solo from l'après midi (both incidentally by Debussy) are quite famous.

Which composers were well none to play the flute?

Tchaikovsky is one of the most famous composers whom was a flute player. He composed may famous orchestral flute suites and ballets such as the Nutcracker Suite and Swan Lake.

What did Mozart compose for flute?

One of his most famous compositions fo flute is "The Magic Flute" (literally translated from the original German, "Die Zauberflöte".)

Who are some famous flute musicians?

Ian Anderson

Who is a famous flute composer?

Mozart would be the best.

What is a famous piece of music written for the flute?


What famous person made the flute?

losers wtfbmfaw

What famous song iis in the magic flute It goes bu babababababababa ba?

The magic flute the queen of the night

What did the queen of night do in the magic flute?

The Queen of the Night sings a famous song while Tamino played his flute

Flute famous flute player of India?

Pannalal Ghosh is one of the most legendary Indian musicians to ever play the flute. Also, Rajat Prasanna is a notable current Indian flute player.

Famous people who play the flute?

There are a few famous people that play the flute. Actress Halle Berry, Singer Alanis Morrissette, Actress Calista Flockhart, Musician Gwen Stefani, and Comedian/Actress Tina Fey all played the flute.

Name of famous indian flute players?

bismillah khan

Who is a famous female jazz flute player?

Bobbi Humphrey

Whats a famous song for the flute?

Jethro Tull's entire Aqualung album has alot of incredibly awesome flute solos in it. Definitely a sound from the flute not heard anywhere else....

Who are the most famous flute composers?

Mozart, Bach, and French Composers like Gaubert, Debussy, Faure, Chaminade and others made quite famous song for flute. Mozart made concertos for flute, Bach made sonatas, and the French Composers made etude-like things or other single pieces for flute.