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About 10 miles

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at nike town oxford street london, you need to book an appointment with nike id.

Royal Air Force Museum London was created on 1972-11-15.

The address of the Norton Air Force Base Museum is: 1601 E 3Rd Street, San Bernardino, CA 92408

They were a London police force formed in 1749 of constables and former constables.

The only notable police-type force was the "Bow Street Runners" in London.

The first police force in Britain was established at Bow Street, London, in the early eighteenth century. The "Bow Street Runners" were under the control of a magistrate. In 1753, upon the recommendation of the magistrate and novelist Henry Fielding, more forces were created in London along these lines.

Hellenic Air Force Museum was created in 1986.

Comox Air Force Museum was created in 1987.

Air Force Armament Museum was created in 1975.

There are examples in the Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon, the War Museum in London and possibly in some American and Spanish museums. The Spanish Air Force used them until at least 1960, I saw some as a youth in Gran Canaria.

1100 Spaatz StreetWright-Patterson AFB OH 45433near Dayton,OH

Cold Lake Air Force Museum was created in 1998.

Ankara Air Force Museum was created on 1998-09-18.

Royal Thai Air Force Museum was created in 1952.

Sri Lanka Air Force Museum was created in 1976.

National Air Force Museum of Canada was created in 1984.

There were too many aircraft to list here. See the reference links. US Air Force Museum British Royal Air Force Museum Commemorative Air Force Museum(old Confederate Air Force Museum)

Yes, the London dispersion force is very weak.

The web address of the Submarine Force Museum is:

The address of the Air Force Armament Museum is: 100 Museum Dr, Eglin Afb, FL 32542

South African Air Force Museum was created on 1973-10-26.

Royal Saudi Air Force Museum was created on 1999-01-24.

Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum was created in 1987.

National Museum of the United States Air Force was created in 1923.

Royal Air Force Museum Cosford was created on 1979-05-01.

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