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The farthest known star in the universe is probably in the distance galaxy Abell 1835 IR1916, which lies some 13.2 billion light years from earth. This galaxy is believed to be the most distant galaxy in the universe. A link is provided.

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Q: How far away from earth does the farthest known star in the universe lie?
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Is sirius the farthest star from earth?

No. At a distance of only 8.6 light years, Sirius is one of the closest stars to Earth. On a cosmic scale, any star close enough to be visible to the naked eye is fairly close. The farthest stars in the known universe are in other galaxies, billions of light years away.

Which region of the atmosphere is farthest from the earth?

Thermosphere is the farthest away from the earth

What is the farthest known thing away from the sun?

The farthest known objects are quasars.

When is earth farthest away from the sun?

The Earth is farthest away from the sun actually in July and closest in January. A+: Aphelion :)

How many light years away is the farthest galaxy?

There is not a ''farthest galaxy'' in the universe. But thereslotte is a very far galaxy.

What is the layer farthest away from earth?

Mesophere, Ionosphere and The Exosphere are farthest away from the earth. ( Outer Space :D ) Hope This Helped :)xx

What is the farthest planet away from the Earth's moon?

Neptune is the farthest planet from Earth's moon.

When earth is closest and farthest away from the sun?

The Earth is closest to the Sun ("perihelion") on January 4th, and farthest away ("aphelion") on July 4th. But the difference isn't much.

Which is the farthest from earth Troposphere Stratosphere Ionosphere or Mesosphere?

the Ionosphere is the farthest away from the earth =)

When is the earths farthest away from the sun?

The Earth is farthest away from the sun actually in July and closest in January. A+: Aphelion :)

According to Hubble's law what do the farthest galaxies in the universe appear to be doing?

Moving away A+

What is the place in earth's orbit where is farthest away from the sun?

Apogee is closest, Para gee is farthest

How fast are the farthest outer galaxy's traveling from the center of the universe.?

There is no such thing as the "center of the Universe". It is believed that the Universe looks the same from different places, there is no way to determine a "center". The farthest observable galaxies move away from us, at several times the speed of light.

What is the farthest away place from London on earth?

Not London

Which layer of the atmosphere is farthest away from earth?


Which planet is the farthest away from Earth?

Neptune is always the furthest planet from the Earth.

What is the farthest known planet in the universe from earth?

As of posting the answer (31 December 2017), the planets SWEEPS-4 and SWEEPS-11, both of which orbit the star SWEEPS (J175853.92−291120.6) in the constellation Sagittarius. They are approximately 27,710 light years away.

How far away is Venus from Earth when it is farthest?

Already answered

Which planet is the next farthest away from the sun after the earth?


How do astronomers find out about changes in galaxies over time?

Astronomers can watch galaxies that are far away. Since the light takes billions of years to reach us from the farthest known galaxies, they would be watching galaxies in the early Universe. It turns out, from such observations, that the Universe is changing.

What does the ap in aphelion mean?

It comes from Greek apo- which means "away from". Thus "aphelion" is the point in a body's orbit when it is farthest away from the Sun (helios) and "apogee' is the point where a body orbiting the Earth is farthest from the Earth (geos).

What is the Farthest star in light years from earth?

"This question has not been answered yet" is probably the best answer. We haven't found the "end of the universe" yet. We have seen stars that are thousands of light years away, but there are still more.

What is the farest planet away from the earth?

Of the true planets in our solar system, Neptune is the farthest from Earth.

What does Hubble's law say the farthest galaxies in the universe appear to be doing?

Receding from each other faster the farther away they are. He saw they were "red shifted" and the red shift was greater the farther away the galaxy was. This mean that the Universe is expanding.

What is the distance of the earth from the sun when it is farthest from the sun?

2000 feet away