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No. The sun is the closest star.

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No. The sun is the nearest star to Earth. The next closes star is more than 250,000 times farther away. The sun is larger than the average star, but not a giant.

When the Earth is at its farthest distance from the Sun it is at aphelion.

No, the sun is actually the closest star to Earth. It is the only star in our solar system as well. All the other stars are from 4.2 light years away to about 100,000 light years.

The Earth is the 6th farthest planet from the Sun. Neptune is the farthest.

The Earth is farthest away from the sun actually in July and closest in January. A+: Aphelion :)

Space is infinite therefore there is no such thing as a "farthest star".

do you mean when the Earth is farthest away from the Sun? If so, then this occurs at an event called 'aphelion,' when a body is the farthest from its star in its orbit. Recently this has been and will be happening on July 4th. (Note--distance from the Sun has nothing to do with seasons. That is because of our axial tilt.)

We do not know what the farthest star from the earth is, indeed we do not know what the farthest galaxy form the earth is. We do however know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to know this because of the speed of light and the expansion of the universe.

Saturn is the third farthest planet from the Sun.The Earth is the third closest planet from the Sun.

pluto is the farthest planet to the earth

Earth doesn't have a star. Even our Galaxy has only one star---the sun. The furtherest star from our Earth would probably be one that we can not see or detect so we don't know its there.

The whole Earth is farthest from the sun during the first few days of July.

July (farthest Day the earth is from the sun)

Farthest in July, Closest in December

The third farthest planet is Saturn. The first farthest is Neptune.

The earth is farthest from the sun in early July. This may be surprising to northerners. It is perfectly sensible to our friends in the southern hemisphere.

Earth is farthest from the sun around July 3.That's during summer in the northern hemisphere, and winter in the southern.

Aphelion is the point at which the Earth (or any other object) is at its farthest distance from the Sun. The term "perihelion" is used for that point at the closest approach to the Sun.

There is no farthest star from the planet Earth because space is never ending.

Mars is further out from the sun than Earth.

The star farthest from the sun hasn't been seen or named.With maybe 100,000,000 billion stars that are nearer and have not been named yet, it will have to wait. Earth is a planet, the Sun is a star.

Neither. Earth is a planet; the sun is a star.

the sun is closest to earth The Sun is the star closest to earth

The Earth is closest to the Sun ("perihelion") on January 4th, and farthest away ("aphelion") on July 4th. But the difference isn't much.

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