How far away is Brooklyn to bayonne?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: How far away is Brooklyn to bayonne?
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How far is Bethpage NY to Bayonne NJ?

it takes 8 hours

How far is it from Rockland County NY to Bayonne NJ?

2 feet

How far is Canada from Brooklyn?

Canada is a huge country. It depends on where in Canada. If you're talking about the closest Canadian border, that would be about 400 miles away from Brooklyn.

Where is the Bayonne Free Public Library in Bayonne located?

The address of the Bayonne Free Public Library is: 697 Avenue C, Bayonne, 07002 2806

What is Bayonne ham?

Bayonne ham is a variety of air-dried salted ham from the French city of Bayonne.

Where is Bayonne NJ?

The City of Bayonne is located in northeastern New Jersey in Hudson County.

When was Pierre Bayonne born?

Pierre Bayonne was born in 1949.

When was Bayonne Bridge created?

Bayonne Bridge was created in 1931.

What is the area of Bayonne?

The area of Bayonne is 21.68 square kilometers.

How many miles between Bayonne New Jersey to New York City?

Bayonne, NJ, is right across the Hudson River from New York City. It's about half a mile from the borough of Staten Island, about four miles from the borough of Brooklyn, and about six miles from Lower Manhattan.

What is the phone number of the Bayonne Museum in Bayonne New Jersey?

The phone number of the Bayonne Museum is: 201-436-3848.

Is there a bridge to Brooklyn from New Jersey?

No, but you can go through Staten Island. You'd take the Bayonne Bridge from Bayonne, New Jersey, into Staten Island. You'll come off the bridge onto the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Expressway. Follow that until the road splits. Take a left onto the Staten Island Expressway. Follow the Staten Island Expressway to the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn.