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They can migrate as far as Greenland before returning to native rivers in Canada

Answer2: In addition to the above comment, I read a very interesting article about the salmon. In order to breed many salmon species swim upstream, facing turbulent waters along the way. Instead of being overwhelmed by the rough water these fish actually take advantage of it. The do not plough through chaotic water. Instead when swimming upstream, they conserve energy by using vortices, or miniature whirlpools , that form where the water flow is disturbed by rocks, branches, or other objects. As the vortices form on alternating sides of an object, the fish curve their bodies from side to side and glide between the pockets of turbulence. Some schools of fish use the vortices created by the fish swimming in front of them, effectively riding in their wake. The fish can take advantage of rhe turbulence created by their own bodies. Researchers hope to borrow from the salmon's efficient swimming style to harvest energy from slow-moving water.

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Q: How far can Atlantic salmon migrate?
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Why do Atlantic salmon migrate?

because otherwise there would be no more Atlantic salmon would there.....

How far can a salmon migrate?

A salmon can migrate as fast as a chicken named Bobpenis+

Why does salmon migrate?

salmon migrate so they can spawn there eggs

What bodies of water can you find salmon?

Salmon can be found in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and rivers. Salmon migrate from the oceans to rivers to spawn.

Where do salmon migrate?

Salmon migrate out to sea, and then return to where they were born to mate.

Where do Atlantic salmon live?

Atlantic Salmon live in different places in the Atlantic ocean, hence the name "Atlantic Salmon".

What kind of salmon is Scottish salmon?

There is Atlantic salmon is Scotland. Scottish salmon is probably farm raised Atlantic salmon.

When was Atlantic salmon created?

Atlantic salmon was created in 1758.

Where do Atlantic salmon migrate to?

Atlantic salmon Make atremendous journey throughout their lives. They swim from little fresh water streams that they were born in into the north Atlantic ocean. They then swim all the way back again to the same little stream they were born in and spawn. At the end of their journey most of the salmon die either from exhaustion or from disease.

Where in the worl does the Atlantic salmon live?

They live in the Atlantic ocean that's why the name is Atlantic salmon

What causes animals to migrate?

Animals migrate because of changes in weather or local availability of food. This is either an annual change as in bird migration or as part of their life cycle as in Atlantic salmon.

Do salmon migrate or hibernate?

Migrate. They migrate from the ocean, then swim upstream to spawn.

How do salmon migrate?

They swim.

What animals eat Atlantic Salmon?

While at sea, these fish are prey to sharks, swordfish, and other larger species. As they migrate upstream to spawn, eagles, ospreys, mink and otter, and black bears feed on them. Human beings also take Atlantic salmon.

What has the author W M Shearer written?

W. M. Shearer has written: 'The Atlantic salmon' -- subject(s): Atlantic salmon, Atlantic salmon fisheries

Where do salmon migrate to?

Salmon migrate to the sea and then they make a trip back to where they was born.When they arrive they usually die because they are tired out.

What color is the Atlantic salmon?

The Atlantic Salmon is a pikish red fish with a light colored underbelly.

How many salmon migrate?


Where can one purchase Atlantic salmon?

You can purchase Atlantic salmon from the Shop Anderson Sea Foods website. Once on the page, click on "Salmon" in the left navigation menu and then click on "Fresh Atlantic Salmon" to bring up the fish.

What are the different kinds of salmon?

The different kinds of Salmon are King Salmon Pink Salmon Coho Salmon Sockeye Salmon Atlantic Salmon Chinook Salmon

What animals migrate for breeding?

Salmon, sardines and eels all migrate for breeding.

Where does Atlantic Salmon live in?

The Atlantic salmon, lives in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in rivers that flow into the north Atlantic.However now, due to human introduction, the north Pacific.

Is an Atlantic salmon a herbivore?

No..All salmoids (salmon and trout) are carnivorous.

Travel far like a geese or salmon in the autumn?

Those long trips are called migrations. To make such trips is to migrate. But in America, it is a direct invitaion to go away. Preferably far, far away.

Do Atlantic puffins migrate?