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How far can Atlantic salmon migrate?

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2017-03-17 16:18:15

They can migrate as far as Greenland before returning to native

rivers in Canada

Answer2: In addition to the above comment, I read a very

interesting article about the salmon. In order to breed many salmon

species swim upstream, facing turbulent waters along the way.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the rough water these fish actually

take advantage of it. The do not plough through chaotic water.

Instead when swimming upstream, they conserve energy by using

vortices, or miniature whirlpools , that form where the water flow

is disturbed by rocks, branches, or other objects. As the vortices

form on alternating sides of an object, the fish curve their bodies

from side to side and glide between the pockets of turbulence. Some

schools of fish use the vortices created by the fish swimming in

front of them, effectively riding in their wake. The fish can take

advantage of rhe turbulence created by their own bodies.

Researchers hope to borrow from the salmon's efficient swimming

style to harvest energy from slow-moving water.

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