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They are gay!

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Q: How far can a bird fly and which bird spend most of their time in the air?
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What bird species spend most of their time in the air?

Most seabirds spend most of their time in the air, except when nesting.

Where does the polar bear spend most of its time - in the water or land or in the air?

Polar bears spend most of their time on land.

Do albatrosses spend most time in the air or on land?

they live on air because then they can see their predators around

How do whales spend most of their time underwater?

Enormous animals have enormous lungs which can hold enormous amounts of air for an enormously long time.

How do wings hold birds in the air?

The wings of a bird help the bird float on air currents. That's why a bird doesn't have to flap the whole time. It can float or soar.

Why do fish need air so badly?

fish need air because they won't be able to breath if they didn't have air, and fish need air badly because they spend most time in the water. fish need air as much as we do.

How fast can a peregrine falcon walk?

Perigrine falcons spend most of their time in the air as do most birds, so they don't "walk" they hop, and they probably don't do it very fast.

How much time do whales spend in water?

Except for a few seconds when leaping into the air, whales spend ALL of their time in the water. They cannot move on land.

Where does most of bird's inhaled air go?

Birds don't inhale air because they don't need to breath.

How do you you make a bird on alxemy?

Air+Lizard= Bird

What is flying time from Singapore to Cambodia?

a couple hours, you will likely spend more time on the tarmac than in the air

Which bird can fly for the longest time?

The record for time in the air, is held by the Flying Alpine Swift. Three swifts stayed in the air for 200 consecutive days.

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