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How far can helicopter fly on a one tank of gas

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till it runs out of gas

A Cessna 406 can fly 1,327 miles on a full tank of gas.

You need to be more specific. Fuel costs vary as do the size of the tanks on a helicopter.

It depends on the vehicle. Fuel tanks have various capacities.

A Supermarine Spitfire can travel 423 miles on one tank of gas.

RANGES Range at 312kts (20 min res.)1,231 nm2280 kmMaximum range1,380 nm2550 km

How far a bus can go on one tank of gas varies. It depends on the make and model of the bus, what fuel it uses, and how well it has been maintained.

It keeps track of how far you go on a tank of gas and can be reset every time the tank is refilled.

Not enough info to answer that.

A 2008 Lincoln MKZ can travel 700 miles while on a full tank of gas.

Once you get onto her helicopter, click the gas tank to let the gas out. Then jump onto the cage and use the gardening shears to cut the rope.

In the gas tank In the gas tank In the gas tank In the gas tank In the gas tank

That depends entirely on what vehicle you're driving.

If your "fun" tank of gas is a full tank of gas you should be able to go nearly 300 miles. The Honda CB125's were known for phenomenal gas mileage getting around 100 miles per gallon.

Follow him into a cave . Then Gretchen will trap him.Then you have to release cut the rope get rid of her helicopter by clicking the gas tank.

until it runs out of gas. seriously, not far. most lights come on when there is about a gallon left in the tank.

Yes, but the can must be higher than the far end of the hose. Siphons work by gravity.

Plugs up the fuel filter if the sugar makes it that far.

You can stop a leaking gas tank, by making a paste of soap on the hole of the gas tank.

it's in the gas tankit's in the gas tank

find how many mpgs your Jeep gets, find how many gallons the gas tank holds, then calculate how far you can go once you put in a full tank of gas.

That depends on the size of the gas tank. At a constant rate of speed, a 20 gallon tank will last for 560 miles.

it can damage your car. your gas tank is just a tank with gas, it's kind of hard to damage it.

on the gas tank on the gas tank

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