How far can a rooster see?

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Chickens can see just about as well as humans (except in the dark).

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Q: How far can a rooster see?
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Why the sun comes up when the rooster crows?

the sun comes up when a rooster crows because whenever a rooster see's a peek of light the rooster crows

What does this metaphor mean 'The far-off rooster was an alarm clock for the sleeping soldiers'?

It means that the sound of the crowing of the rooster (cockerel) in the mornings woke the soldiers up. The rooster acted like an alarm clock. 'Alarm clock' is therefore a metaphor for 'rooster'. Had the sentence read 'The far-off rooster was like an alarm clock for the sleeping soldiers' it would have been a simile.

How far can a rooster fly?

Going about 10 mph for about one min.

Fake owl hung by rooster will it keep rooster from crowing?

No. Roosters crow when they see light, it's instinctive.

How old is the oldest rooster you know?

As far as I know, 30 -40 years..

How do you tell how old a rooster is?

you look at his spurs to see how old he is

What age do roosters get spurs?

even when the rooster is a chick it will have little bumps on the leg where the spurs will grow, my rooster is about 1 year old and you can see his spurs already, the older the rooster the longer the spurs will be.

Do wolves eat roosters?

If they see any rooster, then they probably will eat them.

How does a rooster breathe?

Rooster have lungs. they breathe through the beak and nostrils. On very hot days you can see the chickens "panting" with beaks slightly open.

Do hens need a rooster to have an edible egg?

No. Chickens will lay perfectly good eggs without a rooster. In fact, many people prefer not to keep a rooster, because they don't want to find a fertilized egg that was a little too far along.

Will a rooster eat a rat?

i don't know if it's correct but i did see my rooster eat a small/mid sized rat that went into his cage so maybe they do

What is a possessive word for rooster?

The possessive form for the noun rooster is rooster's.

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