How far can an ant go before stopping?

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An ant can go a mile before stopping.
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Brakes go to floor before stopping?

Check the brake fluid. It is in a cylinder container on the drivers side on top next to the back of the engine compartment. If that is not your problem have your pad and rotor

How far back will a oral drug test go back and how long before one does someone need to stop smoking pot?

I have answered questions like this before and you will no doubt not like my answer. I am not sure how far back an oral drug test will reach for pot so I would strongly sugges

How far will a baby goat jump before it stops?

I have just got a kid (billygoat baby) and it jumped over a pasture gate that we use for horses and then we fix that by put wire over the gate but it still jumps on the walls

How far can you go before being gay?

Being gay doesn't work like that. You are either born gay, or youare not. Anything you do sexually does not make you straight orgay.

How far must you stop before a red light?

Depends how fast your going, but you should start tapping on your breaks when your coming on a intersection so you have time to stop without having to slam on your breaks.
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How far does a car going 20mps and decelerating at -5mps2 go before it comes to a stop?

Initial speed = 20 m / s Final speed = 0 Average speed = 1 / 2 (20 + 0) = 10 m / s Deceleration = 5 m / s 2 Time to stop = 20 / 5 = 4 seconds Distance = (average