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Answer (1) There are many theories, and as you can imagine, they are not easily tested. The above answer is generally the inevitable conclusion. But some of the theories are quite fun. Think for a minute about the surface of a globe, like the earth. If you had a super powerful UFO taxi, you could start traveling along the earth's surface, and you could just keep going, as long as you wanted. You would never ever hit any kind of wall. You could go in a straight line (as straight as you can manage on a globe) or twist and turn. You would never reach a point where you are forced to stop. (You'd go up to avoid inconventient things like mountains and skyscrapers). Now you could find yourself back where you started, and you would often cross a path that you traveled before. But nothing would stop you from moving ahead. So we can say that the surface of the globe is finite, there is only so much area on the earth, but it is unbounded. No fences or weird walls that force you to stop. Now think about space. Because of various kinds of curvature of space, some people think of space itself as being finite, there is only so much, but the amount is beyond imagining-- and it is also unbounded. You can just keep going and going. Although, if you could survive the trip, you might eventually find yourself back where you started, without ever hitting any kind of obstacle at all! Because there is no outside. No end, no outside, yet finite and unbounded. Answer (2) There may be many theories that space is infinite. But since there is a starting point , then there may be an endpoint. Someday we may find that endpoint. Answer (3) The universe goes on in infinite space and time, and we are just intelligent living organisms trying to find answers about it. Answer (4) We can travel as far as our 'horizon', which depends on our size and how long we live. Fortunately, the closer to the speed of light we travel, the longer we live in the universe's time frame. The longer we survive, (individually and as a species), the farther we can get.
Answer (5) We may never know. The universe is apparently constantly expanding. One theory is that the universe will be expanding forever. Another theory is that the universe will stop expanding, and gravity will pull the matter back into one big superdense and super hot singularity. Before the 20th century, astronomers believed the Milky Way galaxy was the entire universe and only 100,000 light years in width. But in the 1920's Edwin Hubble discovered that the farther a Galaxy is from Earth, the faster it appears to be moving. This indicated that the universe was constantly expanding. And perhaps the edge of our universe is a wormhole to a parallel dimension. The universe can be considered infinite.

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Q: How far can we go in the universe?
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How far does the universe act as a computer?

As far as physics allow you to go. Endless.

If a light beam travels for the entire lifetime of the universe how far does it go?

A light beam can go 158E24 meters to to the end of the Universe.

How far is it to the end of the universe?

"A end of the universe" are not existing! The universe is endless.

Its possible to go outside this universe?

As far as modern technology has detemined there is no percievable limit to the universe, and no evidence to support the idea that there may be other universes.

How can we get anti matteris there exist in a universe?

One has to go to far-away galaxies to get hold antimatter particles

How far away is the end of the universe?

There is no end of the universe. The universe goes on for ever and ever.

Why does the universe go around?

Well, we don't actually know that the universe itself rotates at all. The only movement we've established thus far is the generalized expansion and the movement of individual structures within the universe.

Which universe is the Milky Way in?

There is only one Universe (as far as we know) and we are in it.

How far is your solar system from the centre of the universe?

Our Solar System is extremely far from the center of the universe. Really, we don't even know what the center of the universe is, and we are not a part of it since our galaxy is traveling across the universe.

How far away is another universe?

there is only 1 universe...although there is many galaxies contained in this universe.

Which is so so so so far universe or galaxy?

galaxy is in the universe

How far will the universe expand?

The universe will expand forever, there is no limit as it still expands today

Where can you find quasar in the universe?

Far away and long ago (they were common early in the life of the universe).

Explain the shape of the universe please?

There really is no shape of the universe. It is like air, it really has no shape. But maybe many, many light years away it reaches to the end of the universe and it has shape. But right now our technology cannot tell, or go that far.

How far has astronomers gone in the universe?


How far is the center of the universe?

There is no single spot that can be distinguished as the center of the Universe. To put it another way, wherever you are, it seems you are at the "center" of the Universe.

Where can you download LEGO universe 2?

As far as I know, Lego Universe 2 isn't out yet.

What is the universe for the sake of gaining knowledge?

The universe is everything that exists. Either in actuality OR as far as we can percieve it.

How do astronomes determine the age of the universe?

This is deduced from the expansion of the Universe. Far-away galaxies recede (go away) from us, with such a speed, that they must have been near us about 14 billion years ago.

In the expanded universe how does boba fett die?

He isn't dead in the expanded universe. DaltonBlake11: He doesn't Die in the expanded universe as far as we know

How long does the universe last for?

13.2 billion years. So far. We have no idea when or how the universe might end.

What is the next closet object to the earth outside our universe?

As far as we know - there is "no outside of the universe", so nothing.

How far does the effects of gravity reach?

To the end of the Universe.

How many stars are there in the universe and how far away are they?


Is the universe an isolated system?

As far as we know, yes.