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Well going with my experiences with horses (many), it depends on a few different factors. 1. the weight of the buggy. 2. the condition of the horse. A healthy American Standardbred can pull an Amish type buggy at approxamately ten miles per hour at a trot, keep in mind that horses need to be walked up and down the hills to prevent strain on their legs and tendons. A horse has about twenty five miles in him before he needs a long rest, so you will have to change horses about every twenty five miles depending on the horses stamina and health. So going with that equation 10 miles an hour for say for 12 hours a day 120 miles, bear in mind that you would need to switch out horses 4 times on this journey, and account for hills that you should slow down to a walk on it would probably be between 90 and 110 miles and that would be an excellent time, that said if the round trip is going to be more that 25 miles even the Amish hire a car.

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Q: How far can you travel by horse and buggy in a day?
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