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The Mississippi River rises out of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota and flows southward for 2,320 miles to the Mississippi River Delta at the Gulf of Mexico.

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All the way to the ocean.

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Q: How far does Mississippi river go?
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How far west did British territory extend after the end of the French and Indians war?

the answer is: Mississippi river. and your welcome!

How far does the Mississippi flow?

the Mississippi river is 2,252 miles long

How far is Water Valley Mississippi from the Mississippi River?

about 70 miles

Does the Mississippi river go into Canada?

It starts in Minnesota, so the answer is No. The Mississippi River does not go into Canada.

Which is longer the Mississippi River or the Saskatchewan River?

Mississippi River (2,350 mi) Saskatchewan River (340 mi) long According too the above the Mississippi River is by far the longer river. Source:

How many days to travel roadside the Mississippi river from Illinois to Texas?

Mississippi River does not go to or by Texas, but it does go to Louisiana

How far is the gulf of Mexico from the mouth of the Mississippi river?

well as the Mississippi empties into the Gulf of Mexico.....

How far is the Mississippi river from reelfoot lake?

10 miles

Does the Arkansas River go into the Mississippi-Missouri river?

Yes, it does.

What major river starts in Minnesota?

The Mississippi River

How far is St. Paul from the Mississippi river?

Zero distance, since Saint Paul, Minnesota touches the Mississippi River.

Can you travel the whole length of the United States on the Mississippi River- Why or why not?

No, Even though the river basin covers a lot of the USA the Mississippi river and its tributaries do not go far enough east or west to allow you to travel the whole length.