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i day :p

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Q: How far does north America and Europe drift apart every year?
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What discovery made geologists believe the continental drift theory?

Well the fact that Europe and America appear to have been linked at one point, and more recently it was calculated that America pulls awas from Europe 1 inch every 4 years I believe by the use of SAT NAV.

What is the approximate rate at which Europe and North America are moving apart every year due to plate tectonics?

About 19 mm per year, which is slightly less than the rate at which your fingernails grow.

How fast are Africa and South America moving apart from each other?

10cm every year =)

Can any remote control car drift?

No not every RC car can drift.

Europe and North America are seperating at a rate of how many cm per year?

Europe and North America are moving 2 cm away from each other every year.

Is it gradual that there are movement of continents?

Yes, each continent is getting apart by about 2.5 cm every year. The theory of continental drift was proposed by Wegner (a German Scientist).

What are the two countries in south America that Brazil doesn't border?

Brazil border every country in South America apart from Panama and Ecuador

What is the word for Place where two plates pull apart under the ocean?

When to plates pull apart on the ocean floor it's called "Tectonic Plate Drift or, "Contenetial Drift." This allows countries to move centimeters every year in any direction the plate travel. Sometimes the plates rub and can cause earthquakes ,volcanos or tsunamis.

Did the black death go in every country?

According to history apart from Americas it affected every major part. India , china, Europe were affected the most.

What contents does the equator pass through?

If you mean what continents, every one of them except North America and Europe

What city is found on every continent?

You can find Nazareth in Asia America (both) Africa and Europe, but not in Australia

What is an fact about the savanna biome?

savannas are found on every continent exept North America, Europe ,and Antarctica

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