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How far into your pregnancy can you feel a difference in your stomach?

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Hi, In your first pregnancy you usually notice hardening of your tummy, around 3-4 months. With your second pregnancy it can happen a earlier. With multiple pregnancies, it happens earlier still.

2006-07-17 22:39:58
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Q: How far into your pregnancy can you feel a difference in your stomach?
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Can you feel a bump in your stomach at 4 days of pregnancy?

No you can not as 4 days are far to early for anything.

How early in the pregnancy will it start to hurt to lay on your stomach?

it really depents how far into the pregnancy you are....

How far along in pregnancy do you not lay on your stomach?

When it is no longer comfortable.

When the sperm meeets the egg can I feel this in my stomach?

No. You do not have feeling that far into your body. You cannot feel sperm fertilizing an egg. ************* Also, this does not occur in your stomach.

Why does only one side of your stomach feel hard?

I guess it really depends on how far along in pregnancy you are. It's most likely the side that the baby is laying on. However, if you still have concerns talk to your Dr.

You were feeling pregnant and you have gotten your period and had negative tests but lately you can feel somthing moving in your stomach like a baby kick is this possible?

You would have to be no less than 3 months pregnant to feel any movement. The first movements you will feel will not feel like a baby kicking, it will feel more like flutters. If your pregnancy tests are still negative then you are not pregnant, if you think you are far enough along to feel fetal movement. It could be that you are experiencing a phantom pregnancy because it is not likely that you would have negative pregnancy tests and getting your period.

Why can you push your stomach out so far I am thin but can always push it out quite far Is it me just controlling my muscles?

Everyone can 'push' their stomach out far more than would be suggested just by looking at them. (It's useful to have an ability to do this for pregnancy and over-eating).

How you diagnose the pregnancy in cow and buffalo?

You perform a rectal palpation to feel the uterus - if the cow or buffalo is pregnant, you may feel the fetal membranes or the fetus depending on how far along the pregnancy is.

Can you feel pain on your left side if you are two weeks pregnant?

No as being two weeks into pregnancy is far to early to show any symptoms of pregnancy.

Is it safe to lay on your stomach if you are pregnant?

Depending on how far along you are it can be very unsafe to lay on your stomach during pregnancy. After the first two months of pregnancy although the fetus is protected it can still be harmful. To make sure ask your care professional for further advice.

Is it possible to feel a movement in your belly at a couple of weeks of pregnancy?

No, it is much more likely that you are feeling gas moving through the small and large intestines! The pregnancy hormone has effects on many abdominal structures, including the stomach, intestines, uterus, ligaments, etc. As your body adjusts in the first trimester, you can have all kinds of weird sensations. Don't let what you've heard about pregnancy get too far ahead of where you are in your pregnancy.

Does your lower stomach feel different in the first trimester of pregnancy?

In my both my pregnacies if I bent over too far too quick I got a bad cramp in my tummy, in bed twistin around I sometimes got pinching in my stomach, sitting doing laundry gave me tummy aches(backaches too) early on

How far into pregnancy should you be able to feel the baby move?

You should begin to feel your baby move at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. This time can vary based on whether this is your first second trimester pregnancy or not, as well as your body fat. First-timers & heavier women may not feel this movement as early. The first felt movements are more like a fluttering feeling. The real "kicks" start after 22 weeks. Sometimes you can even tell the difference between a kick & a stretch. You can also feel hiccups.

Could you be pregnant if feel small bump in stomach?

By the time you feel the baby you are already in the second trimester so I doubt you are that far along and have not noticed.

Can you have urges to hold your stomach if you might be pregnant?

yes. it's a maternal instinct. This is not a symptom of pregnancy though. I didn't really feel like holding it though until I was sticking pretty far out. IT was a really effective arm rest. Also after you give birth you'll probably feel like it. it's such a habit at that point.

Will your unborn child be affect if you get hit in the stomach during pregnancy?

Depends on how hard and how far along you are.Of course if you do get hit you should see a doctor.

What is a doctor feeling for when he examines your stomach for pregnancy?

The doctor doesn't examine your stomach for pregnancy, he examines your cervix and uterus. Your medical care provider (Doctor, NurseMidWife, PA) is feeling for normal changes in and the position of the cervix. She/he may check for the size of the uterus (depending how far along you are) and the size of your pelvis.

How far in a pregnancy at 170 hcg levels?

how far in pregnancy at 170 hcg levels

Can you get negative Test and have pregnancy symptoms?

im only 5 weeks pregnant and I had pregnancy symptoms before i was even far along enough to get a positive pregnancy test such as minor heartburns, horrible breast pain and nipples sore and itchy. And minor stomach cramps and nausea.

How far along in pregnancy would you be able to feel the baby move?

With your first baby you usually start to feel movement sometime tween 18 and 21 weeks. After your first baby you can start to feel it sooner

When can you find out how far along you are in pregnancy?

Please follow the link to help you determine how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Could morning heartburn be a sign of pregnancy?

Generally morning heartburn is a side-effect of pregnancy (rather than a symptom of pregnancy). It usually occurs once it is fairly obvious the lady is pregnant; when the abdomen has distended quite a lot, indicating that there is a fair amount of pressure on the stomach (and some other internal organs). The extra pressure on the stomach can cause acid reflux, since it effectively limits how far the stomach will stretch (to accommodate food etc...). Since stomach capacity is reduced, acid has a tendency to flow up the oesophagus, causing heartburn.

Mucus and pregnancy?

if you are far along in your pregnancy mucus is normal.. nasty but normal if your not to far along contact your doctor

How many babies can a woman have in her stomach?

None, unless she eats them. A woman carries a fetus in her womb. The most anyone has given birth to in one pregnancy is 8 as far as I know.

Feeling a flutter just below my ribs at the top of my stomach could i be pregnant?

It is possible but you would be pretty far along to already feel the fluttering feeling. I would hope you have noticed other possible symptoms of pregnancy as well. Try taking a pregnancy test to determine for sure if you are pregnant or not. If you are pregnant, schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN to start your prenatal care as soon possible.