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The answer is 2 and a half miles!

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Q: How far is Alaska from Russia?
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Alaska is so far from Russia how did it belong to Russia?

It is far from Russia's European front door but the back door from Siberia only requires you to cross the Bering Strait to reach the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The easternmost point of Russia is only 2.4 miles from the westernmost point in Alaska.

How far is russia from Alaska?

Nearly 40 miles

How far apart are Russia and Alaska?

About 2 miles

How far away is Russia from Alaska?

100 million miles

How far away is Russia from Alaska in miles?

1500 km

How far is mainland Alaska from Russia?

it is almost like 225 miles

How far is Asia from the US?

If you accept Islands, Russia is only two miles from Alaska (the distance between Big Diomede Island (Russia), and Little Diomede Island (Alaska). Otherwise, the distance mainland-to-mainland from Alaska to Russia is about 55 miles.

How far is it from Russia to the US?

The eastern tip of Russia and the western tip of Alaska are about 80 km apart.

Did Russia and France claim Alaska?

No, Russia's claim was unchallenged. Only the location of how far east the border should be drawn was questioned.

What is the time difference between the far east cost of Russia and Alaska?

24 hours

How far is Alaska from Russia at their closest points?

They share a common Maritime border. But the closest land distance would be 2.4 miles from Little Diomede Island in Alaska to Big Diomede Island in Russia.

Did Alaska own Russia?

No. But Russia owned Alaska.

How far is the border of Alaska to the border of Russia?

That common maritime border lies halfway between Little Diomomde Island Alaska and Big Diomonde Island 2.4 miles away. Therefore the border between Alaska and Russia is 1.2 miles from each island.

What divides Russia from Alaska?

The Bering Strait divides Russia from Alaska

How far from Juneau Alaska to Moscow?

The air distance from Juneau, Alaska, to Moscow, Russia, is 4,560 miles. That equals 7,339 kilometers or 3,962 nautical miles.

Was Alaska's land was once owned by Russia?

yes Alaska's land was once owned by Russia. yes Alaska's land was once owned by Russia.

Is Alaska closer to the US or russia?

Alaska is a part of the US so its closer to the US... technically its 3km from Russia with 2 islands controlled by Russia and one controlled by Alaska.

Alaska's distance from Russia?

Alaska is 4,350 miles (7,000 kilometers) from Russia.

Where in Alaska was it owned by Russia?

All of Alaska was owned by Russia until 1867.

What ocean separate's Russia and Alaska?

The Bering Strait separates Alaska from Russia

When did the USA buy Alaska from Russia?

the USA bought Alaska from Russia in 1867.

Can you go from Russia to Alaska on land?

No land connection exists between Russia and Alaska.

Who negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia?

William Seward negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia.

The state closet to Russia?

Alaska is the U.S. state that is the closest to Russia. Russia is west of Alaska across the Bering Strait.

Who gets the most rainfall Alaska or Russia?

Russia or Alaska it depends on the climate so I would mainly say Russia.